Bizarrekult – Vi Overlevde

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Band: Bizarrekult
Title: Vi Overlevde
Label: Petrichor
Release date: 02 July 2021
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Not long ago it was April, now all of a sudden, its August and its getting darker and darker with every night passing. It felt fitting to tune in to the newly released album “Vi Overlevde” by the Norwegian Bizarrekult, and oh boy will this album be sticking around on my play list throughout the coming dark winter.

So, up first was “I Mörket” which, as its called, starts out with darkness and imminent despair. Bone chilling sound to build up something dark and sinister. “För 1000 år siden” then takes over in more black metal melodic school. Open chords, blast beat, great production; its all there for sure. Instead of the usual shrieking vocals that come with such music, these vocals are more on the screaming side, and even include both clean vocals and some mild female vocals. A true treat this track is. “Ut I Skogen” includes an interesting start with an unexpected drum pattern, almost like a slowed down Finntroll, if you will. A good portion of post-rock is presented which serves quite well with aggressive black metal.

“Skrik I Tomhet” includes another magnificent start, the snare drum sounds quite huge and even for most anti-black metal fans this is still both relatable as well as enjoyable. The collaborations of the vocals, brilliant guitar lines as well as tasteful drumming really lifts this track, and so the marching segment right before the end in addition makes this track both well written and performed. “I trygge Hender” presents some sort of a black metal Motörhead, and even if it seems like this group might be influenced by many different bands and playing an all-over-the-place sound and different genres, that is absolutely not the case. The whole album so far has been glued together extremely well and every track has sounded fitting with each other.

“Ensomhet” is no exception to the previous mixing of deep with shallow, grand with small, straight forward with intriguing passages and something new and interesting around every corner. Wolves in the Throne Room does come to mind; a mid-paced track with nice riffs and groove, with the bass really standing out. “Siste ord” sort of begins to lead the way out in a very powerful way facing the post-metal side of the scale, along with slow pace and open chords. The reoccurring riff is just splendid, and the beauty is reflected in the slowed down blast beat, clean guitars, and desperate screaming vocals in the back. Joined with the track in the end is the outro, “Avskjed”. A closure.

This album is really something. A masterpiece, even. I don’t think I have heard anything better in this sort of post-black metal genre to be honest. The tracks are interesting, each in it´s own way, well performed and produced. The music is fresh, relevant, even emotional, and yet easy to get familiar with. Yes, quite some leaps are taking from traditional black meta, but it stays true to what they are representing with themselves and their sound. Highly recommended. Highly. 10/10 Julia Katrin



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