BAZ Underground Updates LXIII

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My my my, would you look at the date? Tuesday is upon us again, and surely you know what that means?

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Memories of Old

Don´t you just love bands that offer hangouts on Twitch? Well, prepare to have a fun Saturday June 19th when Memories of Old offers us a chance to join them on Twitch for an evening, prepared to answer our questions and have a nice little chat. All you need to do is head over here, and of course remember to subscribe so you will get notifications for their activities.

Band: Moonspell

Ready for a kickass live stream??? This coming Friday, June 18th, Moonspell plans Irreligious XXV Anniversary Show and of course you will be able to rewatch it for 48 hours after the show ends. A unique and exclusive hybrid show where the classic album Irreligious will be presented in its entirety as a celebration of its 25th anniversary. Not only that, but on Saturday, June 19th, the band also plans a live stream where Hermitage will be officially premiered for all of us worldwide, online through

Ticket bundles will include access to both shows, including extended rewatch availability as well as 1 hour of extra and rare live footage from exclusive encores at each show. Keep in mind that those exclusive encores are only available to those who purchase bundle tickets. For any further information you might need, tickets and other goodies you can head over here.

Band: Concilium

Ahh so we have ourselves another forthcoming release from Sentient Ruin Laboratories. That must mean we are about to embark on a journey into a monstrous netherworld… once again that really does seem to be the case. Portugal’s Concilium are unleashing their debut album “Desecration” on July 2nd and from the sounds of the preview track an intense ocean of atmospheric black/death metal will be the order of the day (night). Monstrous netherworld? Check. Head over to bandcamp for a vinyl or cassette preorder. If you’re feeling really hardcore you might be able to pick up the last copy of the vinyl test pressing.

Band: Replicant

If you salivate over cool special editions, great bundle offers and merch for new metal releases then it’s hard to beat Transcending Obscurity. The latest release the label has lined up is the second full-length by New Jersey’s technical death metal beasts Replicant. Malignant Reality” will be released on September 1st, but why not give yourself to something to look forward to with one of the dizzying array of bundles and editions you can pre-order here.

Band: EyeHateGod

A certain writer of these here pages may have gone a little bit overboard recently with buying rather a lot of releases from NOLA’s finest sludge metal, noise merchants EyeHateGod on vinyl, but when the band’s first four albums are all suddenly reissued on a variety of limited vinyl pressings what else is a man to do! Some outlets are already sold out (especially the coloured editions), but France’s Those Opposed Records still have stock of “In The Name of Suffering”, “Take as Needed for Pain”, “Dopesick” and “Confederacy of Ruined Lives” (in all coloured editions). Here are a few additional sources with some of other of the editions too: Throne Records, Svart Records, Season of Mist

Well, the mosquitos appear to be back, along with other summer creepy crawlies. So what better way to avoid those than to spend time in front of the TV or the computer and enjoy the shows and merch pages artists are so lovely to make available to us? No hairy spider legs in the mail, promise!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

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