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Hello there,

This week was a really busy one, always running, resting just a few hours per day, yes day, trying to stay update the best as possible, cause music does not stop, doing my things, trying to listen to some music and this one was not the best week for doing it. WEll, I listen to some music while going to work or arriving home and a bit while doing my things but, was not enough. Yes… Even so, I bring to you some recos. This time only two and I’m sorry for that, but… Hope you enjoy it.

Band: Craven Idol
Title: Forked Tongues
Label: Dark Descent Records
Release date: 23 July 2021
Country: England
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

To start… Do you like Destroyer 666? If yes, this band is for you. If you don’t like it, you should check it anyway. Well, review done. Lol. I’m joking. I know this band since 2017 when I managed to grab the tape version of the EP released in 2013 named “Ethereal Altars”, I “lost” everything released till 2017, but I managed to listen to it later. I notice a big evolution since I started to listen to them. This album is strong, very well done and the songs are very good. Check them. This album is a must have.

Band: Macabre Decay
Title: Into Oblivion
Label: Grind to Death Records
Release date: 16 June 2021
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

I always preferred the European Death Metal style, even if I like other Death Metal bands. Nothing against anyone or any band. The reason is just one. The European Death Metal style always had melody and brutality, not just brutality. The mix of both in my opinion is a kind of necessary way to do something better. But not always or in all bands I have to admit that. Macabre Decay is one of those bands. The Death Metal made by these guys is very good. Sometimes fast, no blast beats but mainly is mid-tempo and I love it. You will find many influences of the Swedish Death Metal but not only. Check them.

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