Ikotka (Икотка) – Порча

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Band: Ikotka (Икотка)
Title: Порча
Labels: Soundage Productions
Release date: 04 June 2021
Country: Russia
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Ikotka (Икотка) is not a new band for me, I know them since they started, shared them on Twitter in my personal account and since there I’m being in contact with the band trading PM and I made a special article dedicated to them, you can check here.

The band recently released an album, the third one since they started and I had the pleasure to get directly from the band the promo. Thank you again mate.

The band still moves inside the Atmospheric Black Metal and nothing new related with that if i compare this album with the previous releases, but… Once more the quality is here.

6 songs with almost 48min of music and a good one. Once more, the lyrics are in Russian and this time I got the lyrics in English too. Reading it, trying to follow the song with the exact moment of the words while the vocalist sings in Russian in order to try to absorve better the spirit, ambiance or atmosphere of the song is not easy, but… I tried.

After listening to this album several times and knowing the full discography of the band I still cant say the best release made till today. Really I can’t. They are all good. But this one…

This one is different from the others releases but at the same time is not. They still move inside the same music style, doing the songs in the same way, but this album touched me a bit more than the previous releases. I felt the songs more deep, personal, felt.

This could be of course myself, but I heard the previous releases, and yes I notice different things, more related to “feelings”. This album can really be the best release they made until today, but the previous ones are so damn good. But in the quality sound, well, the correct is sound production, in this album is returning a bit to the first album, more raw sound, not so “clean” as the previous EPs’. And to be honest that is the main difference between this album and looking back to the band’s discography.

This album is a full “cake” but I trully advice “Травля” or “Опора”. 8.5/10 The Key Keeper 666



8.5/10 To greatness and glory!
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