BAZ Underground Updates LXI

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Well, doesn’t it look like another Tuesday is upon us? You know that can only mean one thing, right?

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Vulture

Having just released Dealin´ Death via Metal Blade Records, we will now have an opportunity to participate in a live chat with Vulture this coming Friday, June 4th, during their Guest DJ Special! The chat is for absolutely free, and will be hosted by Gimme Metal so all you need to do is head over here for further information, or tune in here for the chat when time comes.

Label: HPGD Productions

Back in September 2020 we drew your attention to a special promotion from HPGD Productions and now (for a limited time) the label’s “30 CDs for $30 Grab Bag” offer is back! There isn’t much further explanation required really. For a mere $30, the label will put together a selection of 30 CDs from their catalogue (all brand new, sealed and without duplicates). So if you’re feeling like today is the day to add a mini-mountain of fresh extreme metal (grindcore, death metal, doom metal etc) into your life, why not head over to the label’s bandcamp page, check out some of their releases and get yourself a nice slab of metal to look forward to receiving in the post.

Band: Mannveira

Coming this July 2nd from Colorado’s Dark Descent Records we have a dose of Icelandic Black Metal of the darkest, most violent sounding kind in the form of “Vitahríngur”, the debut full-length by Mannveira. Formed back in 2010, the band previously released one EP in 2014 and a split album with Canada’s Ellorsith back in 2016. The forthcoming album promises 5 tracks of misery and horror. Over at the label’s bandcamp page you can pre-order two limited vinyl editions as well as CD, digital and a t-shirt to go with the release. Judging by the preview track “Í köldum faðmi” it’s going to be an intense listening experience.

Band: Blasphemous Putrefaction

Originally released back in August 2020 on Dunkelheit Produktionen “Prelude to Perversion” by Germany’s Blasphemous Putrefaction is a relentless hammer attack of brutally pounding death metal. The label has now given the album the vinyl treatment. Head over to bandcamp and you can get yourself a limited copy on black, red and “tomb dust” vinyl.

Since it is the first official day of summer today, all of us from the BAZ team would like to wish you all a very enjoyable summer, even with the lack of events and concerts, and of course congratulate every single one of you out there for surviving this freak of nature we call the winter of 2020-2021.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

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