Myronath – Djevelkraft

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Band: Myronath
Title: Djevelkraft
Label: Hellstain Productions
Release Date: 4 June 2021
Country: Sweden
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

First, before I tell you all about this album, let me tell you who’s in the line-up, and why this album is rich in inspiration, talent and is so fucking good! I’ll start off with the drummer, Fredrik Andersson, of Netherbird, Vananidr and A Canorous Quintet. He uses all his experience to make the presence of drums strong and ticking like a heartbeat. Next, Bjarkan of Blood of Serpents, Ragnarok and Throne of Heresy (to name a few) on guitar. The skill and timing of his contributions are heard and felt. We have Myrkheim” of Serpesta also guitar. He brings more guitar skill and energies to this album. Finally, Hellcommander Vargblod of Draugul and Khaospath on bass and lead vocals. He has scorching growls and screamed furious control in his vocal and the bass playing is on point.

These four on one album, c’mon, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Some history of this band, ok, they started in 2019, with the release of a full-length album “Into the Qliphoth”, two singles released this year, and now this full-length album, “Djevelkraft”. This band is black metal full of strong, cold, evil, morbid, fury. Might be because of their great respect for death and occult practices that are prominently themed in their music. Eleven tracks of powerful music and my ears were on fire for the whole album.

First out of the gate is “Evil Unchained”, and wow, the guitars are fiery yet cold in this intro, leading to frenetic riffing and drums that don’t pause. Oh fuck, just those guitars bring chills, relentless and tremolo-driven. Drowning in fury is what comes to mind as I hear this track, it’s a must-hear. What am I saying? All of this album is a must for fans of the black metal genre. The vocal is on fire in this, and you can’t help but feel as you listen.

Second, “She Who Dwells in Flames”, damn, must say again the GUITARS! Rampaging tremolos, and equally hard-hitting vocals. Third, “Radix Diaboli” evil, scratchy vocal starts this, to the tremolos and blasting speed drums. Extended growl, and the song continues to build atmosphere and savagery. Damn. (Insert more fire emojis with bombs).

Fourth, “Effigy of Malediction”, just the title of this track alone, makes you know it’s going to be a deep dive into the hatred and retribution theme. Masterful compilation of all the band members on this. Fifth, “Till Aska”, a fury here, and matching emotional impact in guitars and drums. Angry rhythmic, vocals being driven by equal fury in drums. Guitars are exploding in mountain/valley tremolos and heavy energies. The sixth track is “The Sword of Satan” some slower beginning here of one guitar being picked, to follow is another guitar, with a faster picking to layer on top. Then, oh shit, it all comes out, the energies, dark and biting in vocals and all instruments blasting in fury. This song puts me at a gig, with a beer in one hand, and my head in the rhythm of metal enjoyment we all know.

Track seven, “Evigt Morker”, more of the awesome teamwork of this band, displaying a more doomy, heavy approach to this song. As well as showing more of their versatility. Track Eight, “To Walk the Paths of the Dead”, a different mood to start, with slow and methodical guitars giving another side. Which slides into a heavy guitar mood, with the scratchy vocal as a counterbalance. This together is so good. Track Nine is next, being “Reborn in Chaos”, again, slamming riffs, and excellent vocals. Drumsticks should be burning with how rapidly Andersson is playing.

Track Ten, “In Regno Tenebris”, doesn’t differentiate itself much from track nine. Not saying I disliked it, on the contrary, every track on this album gives something.

Lastly, track Eleven, “Beyond the Veil of Death”, has a beautiful passage, of simple strumming of the guitar. Almost a melancholy and uplifting feeling at the same time. Another added section of guitar that compliments the first. This feels like a little breath, just letting the melody build and crescendo naturally.

I recommend this to any who enjoy the black metal genre, and I say this, you won’t be left hanging and wondering or waiting for the music to get you. This is truly awesome from the guitars, drums and vocals. A team at work showing what they can create. I give… 9.5/10 Metal Marie



9.5/10 Epic Storm
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