Ballsdeep – Temperance, Death & The High Priestess

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Band: Ballsdeep
Album: Temperance
Label: Independent
Release date: 25 June 2021
Country: England
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Ballsdeep`s name doesn’t bring much to the imagination but as their name suggests they go ALL in and with their latest record “Temperance” is exactly that!

The record opens with “Lay The Line” and hits you quicky with some almost sludgy bouncy riff reminded me of Sepultura`s “Roots” that slaps in soon enough to grab your attention and run with it, designed to get you moving this track hails to be a good pit track and shows some space in their music and dare I say some depth?

Next up we have “Claret” known as red wine is also slang for Blood in the UK, Er… Yes music, the Groove is back once again giving me serious early metalcore vibes and some tasty sections that took me by surprise!

Grooving on we have “Supecharger” RIGHT I am saying it! vocals remind me of “Wayne Static” so much it’s unreal! Is almost nostalgic listening to this band but it’s undeniable they have their own sound and the hardcore/punk influence I love.

Next, we have “X” marks the spot? Jaded lover? Static-X? Whatever it means this is an amalgamation of what come before and probably the weakest track but that’s by their own standards they set already, but a needed break of aggression.

Ending on “King Of The Heathens” which is a great finisher to the record! great tempo pacing, chorus, and groove can’t flaw this song as they chucked their Entire arsenal at this track and it shows.

Ballsdeep is a band that takes everyone by surprise due to their name and call-back to our musical pasts without being dated but brimming with creativity, talent, and imagination! I recommend this record to pretty much most metal fans.
8/10 Kieran


8/10 To greatness and glory!
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