Seraph in Travail – A Black Death Incense

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Band: Seraph in Travail
Title: A Black Death Incense
Label: Independent
Release date: 19 March 2021
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

So, in 2019 I reviewed an album I was quite fond of; “Lest they feed upon your Soul” by the American group Seraph in Travail. For my own enjoyment, I called dibs the upcoming album from them, titled “A Black Death Incense” and was prepared for another fabulous ride just like the first one. I remember thinking back then that they must be unsigned by choice, and I stick with my thought since they are still independent but have not lost any of their touch.

I braced myself as the opener “Fixed and Dilated” started out in a very Cradle of Filthish way; the same brilliant orchestrated death-metal with black injections. What becomes apparent however are the slower parts along with the vocal changes between cleaner type and higher growls. “When they Crown You Queen” includes intense manners along with a hell of a lot of drumming. Even if many things are being thrown at the listener at once there is the sense of drama and intensity that glue it all together.

Slightly progressive neoclassic intro before a nice melody before “Dead Scream Kill” appears to be over. Not as long as the other tracks perhaps, and almost feels like a whirlwind coming through before “For the Wrath of Dying Days” takes over in a very strong opening orchestration guitar mashup. Perfectly balanced cooperation between the two delivers the enjoyable experience of the work this group has managed to present. “The Apostate Coil” is no different either, although slightly stronger Fleshgod Apocalypse vibe with a sense of a slowdown throughout the entire track. Everything you can imagine is here, although the sense of melody and riffs are what takes this track up a notch.

Finally, “Across Bloody Waters” closes this newest edition to the Seraph in Travail collection of full-length albums. Another well-performed album with a lot of bells and whistles. What they do is still done well right up there with the greats of this genre. There isn’t as much identity on this album as there was on the previous 2019 one, in the way that they no longer try and be distinguished as much from the other bands in this particular field, as it does sound like they have found themselves a suitable place in this world and are sticking to it. I am quite satisfied with this group´s work, just as I was two years ago. 8/10 Julia Katrin


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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