Sarkrista – Sworn to Profound Heresy

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Band: Sarkrista
Title: Sworn to Profound Heresy
Label: Purity Through Fire 
Release date: 21 March 2021
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

I’m going to give you a direct quote from the band with respect to this, their newest album “Sworn to Profound Heresy”“This album is a great homage to our great master, and eternal leader, SATAN”.  If that doesn’t clue you in to what this album is about, I’m not sure what will.  Sarkrista, have long been a band staying true to their chosen strongest influences of Satanism, Blasphemy and Occultism.  All three of their albums, “The Acheronian Worship”, 2013, “Summoners of the Serpents Wrath”, 2017 and now “Sworn to Profound Heresy”, March of this year, all gather strength from their strong belief, and trust me, you can feel it in the music. Sarkrista first formed in 2011, and over time have released three albums, four splits and two EPs.  This band has been busy and active, with something of theirs being released almost every single year since 2013 in one form or another.  Now, band members:  Exesor, drums, Fairbauti (ex-Faagrim) guitars, newest member, Valtteri Tuovinen (of Daemonarchia, Infernum and Malum) guitars, and Revenant (also of Order of Nosferat and Slagmark, to name a few) as vocals.  These four combine brutal, lyrical, hate-filled sounds, mixed with frigidly cold atmospheres.  Engrossed, is what I was as I listened.  Thoroughly enjoying what I heard.  

The first track is simply called “Intro”, with an atmospherical building to an impending disaster in the feeling.  Haunted choir vocals, (a play over from I’m not sure what source) to a slowly dawning, darkening mood. 

The second track is called “Sworn to Profound Heresy”, black metal guitars and drumming done well. Vocals are growled screams to my ears. Very effective to play against the guitars and drums.  Beautiful riffing and tremolos are the signature stand out on this track to me. 

The third track, “Lair of Cursed Remains”, kicks hard with the riff and guitar battling for dominance here.  Grabs your attention and keeps you interested.  The fourth track is “Ablazing Ritual Torches” Another example of the blending of atmosphere, vocal and instruments.  One doesn’t overpower the other.  Excellent transition to a slower tempo and the vocal, wow (insert horns here). 

The fifth track is “The Chosen Ones of Satan”, intensity and atmosphere.  I’m headbanging to this, enjoying every moment.  The sixth track is “Conjuring the Profane Fury”, this grabs hard, unleashing cold, brutal hate.  

The seventh track is “Destroyer of the Sun”, This is my favorite, in composition, track arrangement, musicality, and mood. Variation is introduced with the sad piano notes at the close of this song, I absolutely loved this.  The eighth track, “The Beast Reborn” speaks to the strong satanic beliefs, the lyrics are coldly hate-filled growls that echo.  Lastly, track nine is “A Whisper from Forgotten Coffins” which I really enjoyed.

It’s hard to write about each track because the musicianship moved me, the vocals slayed, and my words can’t properly describe what my ears heard.  There is nothing newly introduced on this album, but that is not a detractor to not listen to it.  What this album gives is traditional black metal, a formula of the well-established strong performance of instruments and vocals, and if this genre is your thing, then this album is a must-hear.  8/10 Metal Marie



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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