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Oh yes, make no mistake; surely it is Tuesday once again and this week our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman are thrilled to announce no less than the 50th article in line of The Underground Updates!

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Artist: Yngwie Malmsteen

Hold on to your horns people! This coming Friday, March 20th, the maestro himself Yngwie Malmsteen will present to us a one-night only exclusive live stream from the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas! Now, for those who are not in Las Vegas you can head over here for a live stream ticket and VIP packages, but of course if you happen to be in the city and if you are feeling brave, head over here for an in person ticket since the show is indeed also in person.

Band: Between The Buried And Me

Now, something that will make our old buddy Metal Yeti extremely happy (and he is 100% aware of already) is the upcoming weekend streaming event by Between The Buried And Me. This coming Friday and Saturday the group will perform Automata I + II in their entirety followed by Q&A for the Twitch channel subscribers. Now, since it’s streaming on Twitch the event is free of charge and all you need to do is head over here, subscribe of course, and then wait patiently!

Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen

Those fine people at Dunkelheit Produktionen currently have a whopping 35% sale running, ending on March 20th. The offer applies to all their stock, so head over to the label’s website here to check out what they’ve got to offer. They’ve got some grisly, occult, extreme metal in their catalogue, plus the offer also applies to pre-releases like the forthcoming album from Rituals of the Dead Hand “With Hoof & Horn” (which any death/doom fan should check out). Stay tuned too for an interview with that band in the coming weeks.

Band: Murmur

Originally released back in 2010, “Mainlining the Lugubrious” the debut album by Chicago’s Murmur, is getting a vinyl release on the UK’s Repose Records. Strange avant-garde black metal for those in the mood for something dark and unsettling. You can pre-order a copy here with May 17th the official release date.

Band: Inferno

Having put out their first release in 1996, Czechia’s Inferno have been doing their thing for quite a while in the extreme metal fringes. Their forthcoming album “Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)” is shaping up to be pretty awesome if preview track “The Wailing Horizon” is anything to go by. In this case, it’s avant-garde metal of huge, grand proportions. Check out the abundance of limited vinyl and merch options to coincide with the release here.

Band: Thronehammer

For any band to call themselves Thronehammer they’d really better have some gigantic riffs to level whole villages with. And so it has come to pass with “Incantation Rites” the new album from these doom metal monsters from the UK. The album is out now on Supreme Chaos Records and there’s plenty a limited special edition that you can get your dirty paws on here.

With this week being the 50th lined up to keep our spirits up, we feel the forthcoming activities and offers presented should certainly not disappoint! Now, since it has been as long as it has, there really is no need for us to remind you of the importance of social distancing and washing your horns, now is there?

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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