Tortured Demon – In Desperation`s Grip

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Band: Tortured Demon
Title: In Desperation`s Grip
Label: Spiritual Beast
Release date:  05 February 2021
Country: England
Format reviewed: Compact Disc

The long-anticipated debut by Tortured Demon has graced my letterbox! time to get sunk in.

The album starts off ferocious with the title track “In Desperation`s Grip”, this doesn’t mess around with catchy hooks, riffs for days, and a nice mix of core and thrash giving you that crossover feel! what a great start to this record! I can’t mention the production on his record is fantastic and all the instrumentations sound professional and tight very good first impressions.

“Cold Blood” kicks into a marching band of doom building suspense going into an “Alien Weaponry” riff that goes Djenty and groove laden, thusly accompanied by cleans that flow very seamlessly, reminding me of Trivium’s Matt Heafy for sure. Not as keen on this track but deftly shows some variety in their ability and style which never goes amiss. Take a knee? This song has about 5 different subgenres all thrown in and it’s great! it’s rare to hear a song and be surprised at where it was going all the way through! was great fun listening which showed how versatile of writers they are and that breakdown!? glorious and HEAVY.

Now back to the thrash with “The Invasion” got thrash 101 written all over it and nothing about it is bad or unwelcomed at this point, accompanied by a clean chorus that works so well with the structure and transitions in the song, and that solo then that “crowd” moment is really clever at the end I can see this being great live, what an epic song.

Now onto “Suffers Of The New Plague” we all know what this song about and I am expecting most bands to write about this to be fair so no cliche here.. It’s like ‘Gojira’ wrote a thrash song with a hardcore vocalist and it’s great fun, the cleans are back for the chorus, and solo work is fantastic and that breakdown!? these lads are FANTASTIC song writers that I expect to see from professional musicians. “Usurper” Is next and if you didn’t get Slipknot vibes you are lying…but it works and doesn’t feel out of place at all! but my least favourite track so far, unfortunately, but the Djenty breakdown was very tasty. ough!

“Cut The Budget…Cut Your Throat” wonder what this is about? the Uk is in absolute turmoil due to Brexit, Covid-19 so this song hit home “Give us the power! we`ve had enough” they are looking at the world from a young age at the state of the industry and the uncertain future and they are pissed off, and rightly so! On theme next, we have “Oppressed” this song is sounding to me like Suicidal Tendencies and that’s a massive compliment! but that hardcore breakdown though… They get me every time these lads are great at doing effective breakdowns… Dayum.

Lastly! we have “My Terror” this song bleeds of attitude and it’s a great way to end a record with pissed of aggressive thrash calling us back to earlier tracks. This track I would show people to explain what this band and these lads are about! Thrash, core, emotion, attitude, and variety! this band has it all! absolutely floored at what’s presented and the potential of them from here they could reach dizzy heights! Oh? Have I mentioned they are all under 18? yeah…the next generation is here and its fantastic. 8.5/10 Kieran



8.5/10 To greatness and glory
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