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Is it summer yet? oh no…it’s still just January, Monday of the year. Sitting here trying to write this intro makes my brain want to shut off, just like it has been off the entire holidays and most of us may not even be ready to return to everyday life. But you guys know what’s up, don’t you? Our writers, Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman have long established their Tuesday article and are of course back with more information on upcoming label offers, live streams and fabulous offers.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Diablo Strange

Metal Afternoon has all intentions of continuing the scene this year just like last, and this month appears to be quite eventful for this series. This coming Sunday it is time for the old school rock band Diablo Strange to step on stage and perform live for us sitting at home, just trying to get through the month. As always, this event will take place on Facebook, by Slanted Glass Productions and Moncton Show Events, and is of course absolutely free. We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage our readers to keep an eye on upcoming projects that Slanted Glass Productions is taking on, including a live stream podcast which is starting this week.

Band: Suffering Hour

Hailing from Forest Lake, Minnesota, Suffering Hour play a brand of Black Metal infused Death Metal that is not only brutally powerful, but features a really distinctive guitar tone. On their second album “The Cyclic Reckoning” (due for release through Profound Lore Records on February 19th) these strange, glistening guitar arpeggios really grab the attention and judging by the preview tracks, this is shaping up to be a great release for Extreme Metal fans. Head to the band’s bandcamp page for digital and CD pre-orders and you’ll also get a link for vinyl copies.

Band: Ecclesia

For those looking for some epic, meaty Doom Metal in the spirit of Candlemass and Cathedral, France’s Ecclesia, released their powerful debut album “De Ecclesiæ Universalis” in November last year. With the original vinyl pressings long since sold out, the band’s label Aural Music have announced two new pressings, which you can pre-order here, alongside the CD and digital copies you can buy right now.

Band: Portrayal of Guilt

“We Are Always Alone”, the forthcoming second album by Austin, Texas’ Portrayal of Guilt is too good not to get a full review, so we’ll just say for now that this mix of Hardcore, Sludge Metal, Black Metal and more is like a rabbid dog, biting your leg off in the midst of an epileptic episode, oh and the drummer is a beast. If you want one of the various limited vinyl pressings, you’d better order one quickly before they all sell out. US customers can go here, European customers click here

Band: Age of Woe

Due for release on February 26th, “Envenom” is the new release by Sweden’s Age of Woe, on Lifeforce Records. Playing a meaty, stomping brand of Death Metal, with Progressive elements, the preview track of this forthcoming release highlights the distinctive sound of the band (another band with a cool lead guitar tone). There’s a limited, coloured vinyl edition of the album you can pre-order here alongside CD and digital copies.

Band: Grima

There is clearly a buzz around “Rotten Garden”, the latest, forthcoming album release by Russia’s Atmospheric Black Metal group Grima, given that the first vinyl edition made available sold out in a blink of an idea. More copies have been made available and you can check them all out here. Grima are another band with a distinctive sound and this is definitely another release that could make a big impact this year.

So, it appears as if this year is starting out slowly. Assuming people are getting back into routines, starting their new year resolutions to exercise more and of course eat healthily. We do however hope that at least some have decided to have more fun in this new year, take more advantages of the offers we are given as well as attending the online shows that artists are bringing to us.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

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