Evangelist – Ad Mortem Festinamus

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Band: Evangelist
Title: Ad Mortem Festinamus
Label: Nine Records
Release date: 18 December 2020
Country: Poland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

As of late it seems like I have been prone to picking EPs for a review, and this time there was a band on the menu that for some reason sounded familiar. Evangelist has however never found their way onto my table before, so it’s hard to tell from where the bells are ringing in my head. “Ad Morten Festinamus” is this group´s first EP, but I do hope they will follow it up soon enough with a full-length album. Until then I guess I can pass time with the ones they have released in the past.

“Perceval” sounds like it starts with a movie dialogue between two males. It’s one I am not familiar with for sure, however the music is in grand fashion. With an almost happy feel the power-metal has been sped down, according to the way the melodies are played. Quite basic sounding, yet good with storytelling vocals that contain theatrics. Its an impressive opener, with everything that good music should have. Egyptian kick takes place as “Anubis” paces a bit slower than the first one with melodies in the spotlight for the first part. For those who want to explore the more theatrical side of metal, I think this EP would be a great place to start.

“Puritan” has a tone to it that is quite different from the first two tracks, as the production appears to be lesser when compared. My guess is that this one is older, as it also differs in style. The saddened and melancholic sound however does share beauty with the first ones in a laid-back style with a tasty solo. “Pale Lady of Mercy” conures envy within, envy that the sort of really strong melodic doom can be created with such small measures. “Towards the End” we go, with the second to last song and menacing riffing which sound like it brings the listener a dark message. Perhaps the message is that the EP is over, as the last track, “Mystification”, is a cover of the track originally from Manilla Road. Quite the nice work to be honest, very strong acoustic guitar performs the slowed down version they have made for themselves with a ballad sounding approach.

I’m quite sure I have never heard from this group before, even if it does feel familiar. All sorts of groups came to mind during the run; Rotting Christ, Candlemass, Ghost, King Diamond, and not just based on the music I just heard but also the type of vocals that this EP contains. It won’t be everyone´s favorite, but it just might spark an interest. At least that’s my belief. 7.5/10 Julia Katrin



7.5/10 Victory is possible
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