Random Earworms XII – Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten

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What do we have today for you in the Random Earworms? Well, we have one USA band named Suffocation and the first album from this very good Death Metal band. So, I hope you enjoy our words about it and most of all, enjoy your Sunday.

Band: Suffocation
Title: Effigy of the Forgotten
Label: R/C Records (R.I.P.)
Release date: 08 October 1991
Country: USA

The Key Keeper 666

Let me start to talk a bit about this album. So it’s necessary to go back to 1991. It was one of the years that released a lot of Death Metal bands and many albums that today are classics. I remember the first time I heard this album that one friend recorded me one tape. Oh my. It was “love” at first listening. Yes, that is true. The sound, the riffs on the guitars, the drum, the vocals. Oh my…. read more

It was so different from the Death Metal that I was used to listening to. The Death Metal that today we call OSDM. That time it was just Death Metal, like Suffocation, the “tag” was Death Metal and for us, the metalheads was enough. No sub gender or more tags like to today. It was easier, to be honest. Ahahahahahahah. I also remember what I had on that tape on side B, but that is another talk. lol. It’s an album that today still is a very good Brutal/Technical Death Metal (nowadays tags). And to be honest way better than some Brutal Death Metal albums released a few days, months, years. I could advise some songs, but, sorry, I will not. Just listen to the album.

So, grab it, If you have it, and listen to again and enjoy it, like I did and still do.

Tom Boatman’s rection:

Within Extreme Metal circles Suffocation is a band that occupies a very respected position, and I’ve been aware of them and given them a casual listen, but never made the effort to properly listen to one of their albums. So here is the time to rectify that situation. read more

Waiting for the first song to start I had one expectation: Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun. That’s exactly what I got. I have to be honest, and I know this is going to harm my Death Metal credentials, but I find the indecipherable vocals kind of annoying. The playing is high level. Very precise and fast drums and nimble riffing, in this extremely heavy down-tuned chugging mode. The band are also not shy of throwing in some wild wailing solos. With that musical ability clearly at their fingertips, I do respect that they’ve chosen to play this extremely harsh, unmelodic style of Metal, but as a 37min listening experience? It is a bit monotone for me.

On “Infecting the Crypts” I was actually able to follow along with the lyrics (just about), but after that I decided it was a bit too much effort. “Mass Obliteration” stands out for me as one rocks and the final track “Jesus Wept” is another banger. Overall though, I can see why I’ve never really made the time for Suffocation despite their reputation. I definitely respect what they do, but it isn’t such an enjoyable listening experience for me.

Metal Marie’s reaction:

1991 brought this technical death metal classic, and yes, I wil admit, it did go past my ears. I’ve happily made up for it today, and have gained new appreciation for death metal of this quality.  “Suffocation”, and I write this knowing full well there will be debate over it, is considered to be one of the first bands to introduce “slam” riff style of guitar on this album. read more

Again, thats up for debate, but saying this, I was glad to hear this album in entirety, and was taken on a path of grim brutality that “Suffocation” is known for.  As I said, very glad to have had this introduced for our Random Earworms article.

Firstly, props for the vocals, intense, guttural and meaty.  Sink your ears in and enjoy.  As I listened to each track I was taken with the skill of guitar riffing and absolute maniacal drums.  The beast of a drummer on this album blew me away with the sheer force and energy created.  Riffs that changed tempo mid song, back and forth, really added more layers to appreciate, and I was taken with the timely changes of tempo. 

Some tracks really sent me, like the tempo changes in “Liege of Inveracity”, “Seeds of the Suffering”, for manic riffs, “Jesus Wept”, the guitar solo, and favorite track was “Mass Obliteration”.  That one combined all the great elements successfully, and made my ears especially happy.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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