BAZ Friday LXXV – Underground Reco For Underground Maniacs

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Here we are. It’s Friday. Yeahhhhhhhh. It means that the weekend is looking at us and it’s #BAZFriday. Lovely.

So, let me start with my recos for all of you, lovers of the underground.

Band: Akhlys
Title: Melinoë
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Release date: 14 December 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Black Metal
Time playing: 46:05
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 8/10
Details: The third album from this USA Black Metal band. A very strong release in my opinion. Very well structured and with an amazing atmosphere behind it.

Band: Kammarheit
Title: Thronal
Label: Cyclic Law
Release date: 21 December 2020
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Dark Ambient
Time playing: 44:01
Cover/Music: 9/10 – 9/10
Details: On my travels inside the world of music and promos too, I grabbed this one. I already knew what I would hear, due to the publisher in question, but this release is really good.

Band: Undergang
Title: Aldrig i livet
Label: Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records / Extremely Rotten Productions
Release date: 04 December 2020
Country: Denmark
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Death Metal
Time playing: 36:09
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 8/10
Details: Since 2009 (date of the first release) this band is delivering old school Death Metal. In my opinion one of the best bands doing it. It’s sick, it’s cavernous, it’s rotten, it’s Undergang.

Band: Demoniac
Title: So It Goes
Label: Edged Circle Productions
Release date: 11 December 2020
Country: Chile
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Blackened Black Metal
Time playing: 42:06
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 8/10
Details: Let’s go and do some headbanging. Yeah. This album is so damn good. Good and old fashion.

From my private collection…

Band: Atropos (R.I.P.)
Title: Créature chthonienne
Label: Oupiric Productions (R.I.P.)
Release date: 2002
Country: France
Format reviewed: Tape
Style: Melodic Black Metal
Time playing: 42:27
Cover/Music: 5/10 – 7/10
Details: Originally released in 2001 by Horsnorm (unknown status), I have the tape version released by the Russian label Oupiric Productions. This band is nothing exceptional, I have to admit it, but I like to listen to them and the Black Metal made that time.

Band: Celestia (R.I.P.)
Title: Delhÿs-Cätess
Label: Apparitia Recordings
Release date: 08 March 2007
Country: France
Format reviewed: Tape
Style: Black Metal
Time playing: 18:34
Cover/Music: 7/10 – 8/10
Details: Hated by many but also loved by many. This band in my opinion never had the deserved underground recognition. It’s true that this release is not the best one, but still, it’s a good one.

And now… A classic…

Band: Exodus
Title: Pleasures of the Flesh
Label: Music for Nations
Release date: 08 October 1987
Country: USA
Format reviewed: LP
Style: Thrash Metal
Time playing: 46:01
Cover/Music: 6/10 – 10/10
Details: Yes, It’s true. I have the LP version from 1987. I remember how I got it, It was second hand but I have it. This album is so damn good.

Don’t forget to support the bands and labels.

Till next #BAZFriday
The Key Keeper

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