Folterkammer – Die Lederpredigt

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Band: Folterkammer
Title: Die Lederpredigt
Label: Gilead Media
Release date: 11 December 2020
Country: USA/Switzerland
Format: High-Quality Digital Recording

Folterkammer, is a German word and translates to Torture Chamber, and this album is an event in in bending the genres of black metal and opera. Opera and traditional second wave black metal met in this production and is yet another successful blending of the two styles. All tracks are sung in German and the language is perfectly suited to the harsh vocal and transitions beautifully to the clean sound of opera.

In this their debut album, I wish to introduce, Andromeda Anarchia (vocals), Zachary Ezrin (guitar), Darren Hanson (bass) and Brendan McGowan (Drums). Together all four have created an album of unique black metal.

Alot of thought and preparation went into the making of this album, specifically the themes of oppression brought on by blind faith, authority and religion. Its an album that plays with the ideas of religious symbolism and how that has been a holding back of individual thought process in a person. This album turns that over on it’s head and says, no to being tied to a certain belief, and embraces free expression of self. Another strong trait here is the feminine approach used. in this, the traditional nurturing, and protective female personality is also flipped around, and the goddess of evil, destruction, dominance and power enters and takes control. She is a ruler and the vocal is fierce in the way Andromeda has taken that influence and soared with it.

“Die Nanie” first, – harmonized vocals that slide into a scathing harshness. Tremolo and relentless drums combine to an atmospheric break, bringing the growls to an opera tone, chasing and crescendoing throughout this track. “Die Hymne” is a pure operatic intro, mixing with guitar riffs. Her voice takes on a witchy growl, and accompanying instrumetation is very well executed.

“Die Elegie”, third- beautiful and off-key, guitar picking with an echoing bell effect. The vocal switches seamlessly from the growl to classically trained opera in one breath. “Das Gabat”, fourth- was to me, a complete contination of the 3rd track. It didn’t stand out or take off in any other direction. “Das Magnificat”, fifth track- was very evident in vocal variation again. Hissing growls were added here and it was intense. Mid-way through, Andromeda’s voice is miles high in octaves. Tremolo being expertly played on guitar adds back balance to this track. “Das Sinngedicht”, sixth track, is such an awesome blend of evil inspired growl. Drums taking off and guitars building layers.

“Das Zeugnis”, seventh and final track- begins in a theatrical tone, with the opera being front and centre. Later the depth of her blackened vocal is heard and it’s chilling. Black metal opera can be said to sum this up. I also think that the skill of the singing, instruments, and arrangements were very well done here and are a showpiece to what the combination of genres can create.
I give 6/10 Metal Marie



6/10 We may survive!
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