Crown of Ascension Exclusive Stream

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Xenoglossy Productions introduces Crown of Ascension, the new side project from A. White, primarily known as the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed black/death/noise one-man-band Vessel of Iniquity and the industrial/drone/doom entity Uncertainty Principle.

The debut EP “Twixt Zero and Infinity” is a barrage of blastbeats and riffs that yet retains a strong space-y atmosphere through the large use of an odd instrument for black metal: the cello, which is sometimes the primary musical element, while guitars provide droning backdrops.

Howling voices appear and disappear like a transmission from beyond. Eerie piano sections surface amidst the chaos. Frantic drum sections pummel away with no mercy. The result is almost 22 minutes of audial cosmic terror.

Recommended for fans of Vessel of Iniquity, Gnaw Their Tongues, Axis of Perdition.

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