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A new month has rolled around! We do hope that Spooktober treated you well and scared you out of your socks! But it is now time for November to bring us an increase in yellow leaves, more snow, more cold….and more metal!

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Paradise Lost

It’s a nice change to have a show on a weekday, but should you want to pick up your week Paradise Lost is planning their live show this coming Thursday, 5th of November, titled At the Mill. Tickets are now on sale here, which with a regular ticket includes the world premiere of two new tracks from Obsidian. But keep in mind that VIP tickets feature three songs, as well as a pre-recorded interview with the group! For further information you can visit the tickets sale page as well as the group´s Facebook event page.

Band: Obituary

Last month, October 17th and 24th, we had the joy of witnessing Obituary´s live streams of Slowly we Rot and Cause of Death. This coming Saturday, November 7th, the band will perform their last live stream of this series, which will feature Rare Classics & Special Songs straight from the group´s natural recording studio habitat! If you did not catch the previous shows, or did not get a triple pass ticket, there is still a chance to see this last one by visiting this page and securing your ticket right now and make sure to also check out the exclusive merch and various bundles.

Band: Kvelgeyst

To Vendetta Records we go for some black metal in the shape of Kvelgeyst. Harking back to the classics of such bands as Celtic Frost, Darkthrone and Mayhem, “Alkahest” was originally released last year and vinyl copies appeared to be sold out, but lo and behold the label have unearthed some more copies! Hopefully as this latest edition of UU is published there will still be a couple of copies left. At time of writing there are 6. Don’t miss out, grab one here and get yourself dragged to the depths of black metal hell below:

Band: Carcass

Earache have just announced a veritable feast of Carcass vinyl reissues (all due to be shipped in December), including “Heartwork” and “Reek of Putrefaction”. It looks like one or two might be sold out already, so if you want to add some classic Carcass on vinyl to your collection don’t hang about. You can see what’s on offer on bandcamp or from the earache store here. And here’s a little reminder of the joys of Carcass below:

Band: Criminal Element

Lacerated Enemy Records have a good ear for extreme and technical metal with “Guilty as Charged” by Lacerated Enemy (featuring members of Misery Index, Dying Foetus and Suffocation) being a prime example. Originally released back in 2009, someone at the label appears to have magicked up 10 copies of the original vinyl pressing. If you’re in luck there might just be a couple of copies left. You can pick up the vinyl here with download included.

Band: Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou

Bringing together the post-rock infused folk rock of Emma Ruth Rundle and the sludge of Thou, “May Our Chambers Be Full” was released just a few days ago. It might sound like an unusual combination, but as Paula Abdul and that cartoon cat demonstrated: opposites attract. With two vinyl editions already sold out from bandcamp, you can still get hold of two vinyl editions, two CD editions and of course digital here. Don’t miss out and wrap your ears around a sample below.

As mentioned before, November has now rolled around and this horrendous excuse for a year is almost over. On these last meters it is crucial that we all play by the rules, keep social distancing and keep ourselves and others safe, and then just maybe we might be able to be free next year to return to the scene of concerts and shows in person. So let us all keep our masks on, hands Satanized and horns up!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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