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The last Friday Of October.
This all year have been very, but realy very good related to releases, in all genre inside our Metal world. It’s been hard to pick some bands and the offer is so big even if you are just related with one genre. But like always we try our best.

So, let me start with my recos for all of you, lovers of the underground.

Band: After Earth
Title: Before It Awakes
Label: Independent
Release date: 18 September 2020
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Time playing: 17:59
Cover/Music: 6/10 – 8/10
Details: First release from this band. A very interesting release in the vein of well known Melodic Swedish Death Metal.

Band: Los Males del Mundo
Title: Los males del Mundo
Label: Independent
Release date: 12 October 2020
Country: Argentina
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Black Metal
Time playing: 16:48
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 8/10
Details: Featuring Dany Tee (Acathexis, Downfall of Nur), Cristian Yans, and Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit) as a guest musician. These 3 souls deliver an amazing Black Metal EP. I want to listen to the future album.

Band: Okrütnik
Title: Legion Antychrysta
Label: Ossuary Records
Release date: 02 November 2020
Country: Poland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Heavy Metal / Black Metal
Time playing: 45:54
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 8/10
Details: Do you remember Bewitched and their mix of Heavy Metal and Black Metal? Well, this band reminds a bit of Bewitched sound.

Band: Death Nöize
Title: Rites, Curses and Spells
Label: Bestial Burst / Metal Ör Die Records / Deathlike Noise Productions
Release date: 15 October 2020
Country: Romania
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Black Thrash Metal
Time playing: 32:10
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 8/10
Details: Primitive Black Thrash Metal with a raw sound. I love it.

No music is available at this moment. So I let you the previous album to listen to.

And now some releases from my private collection…

Band: Rotten Souls
Title: And So Do We… at the Gates
Label: Independent
Release date: 2010
Country: Costa Rica
Format reviewed: Digipack
Style: Black Metal
Time playing: 45:13
Cover/Music: 7/10 – 8/10
Details: I had the opportunity to see this band in my country, and it was there that I got this album. Very good indeed.

Band: Violent Devoties (R.I.P)
Title: Within the Great and the Venom
Label: Independent
Release date: 05 December 2008
Country: Austria
Format reviewed: Jewelcase
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Time playing: 21:12
Cover/Music: 7/10 – 8/10
Details: The last release from this very good band. Check them and if you can grab the CDs.

A now… A classic…

Band: Angelcorpse
Title: The Inexorable
Label: Osmose Productions
Release date: 06 September 1999
Country: USA
Format reviewed: Jewelcase
Style: Blackened Death Metal
Time playing: 34:29
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 10/10
Details: In my opinion, this is the best album from this band. Very good Blackened Death Metal.

Don’t forget to support the bands and labels.

Till next #BAZFriday
The Key Keeper

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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