The BAZ Underground ABC – IV – Letter “H”

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So it’s round 4 of The BAZ Underground ABC where we throw light on some great metal bands that might have escaped your notice (but definitely deserve attention!).

This week the magic letter is “H”. Let’s find out what hidden gems have been dug out of the murky depths by our writers…

Band: Hell

H is for… Hell

Let’s be honest, calling a musical project Hell is a boss move. You can be sure though, you won’t be the first to want to pick such an iconic and frankly METAL sounding name. The Hell that I’m referring to is the solo project (though you’ll find some great live performances where a whole band is put together) of Salem, Oregon’s M.S.W. (also releasing music under his own name) and how you define this Hell is no easy task. Perhaps the simplest descriptor would be Funeral Doom Metal, but you’ll hear Sludge Metal, Black Metal, Drone Metal and Noise all in the mix. What you can expect from the moment you put any Hell record on though: it’s going to be slow, crushingly heavy and haunting. read more

With tracks generally running for anything between 5-20min, the music takes its time to build. Very often, long instrumental passages carry the tracks with sudden bursts of horrible Black Metal style vocals (and when I say “horrible” I mean it in the best way). Hell creates a world for the listener that is bleak, but it also contains a certain hypnotic groove, as well as occasional beauty with orchestral elements running through some of the music.

Not on Spotify and not all available to buy digitally on Bandcamp, getting hold of the music can be a bit tricky, but there’s something cool in this age of instantly accessible music in having to do a bit of digging. If you’re interested in building up your Hell collection, I recommend you go to Bandcamp and Discogs. If you’re willing to do a bit of sleuthing, you’ll be able to find some cassette vinyl editions for sale. Oh yeah, and all the cover art is awesome. Take a trip to Hell! Tom

Band: Horna

This week the letter “H” was chosen, and for me, H is for Horna.  They hail from Finland, and their name translates to “abyss” or “hell”.  Current members are Shatraug, Infection, Spellgoth, LRH, and VnoM. I’ve listened to so much from this band. Their style of black metal is powerful, and brutal which settles me and brings me the solace I  need. It’s their stand on making their music that I really have to say is strong.  Yes, amidst the controversy of being tied to NSBM, the band made a statement that was quoted in a 2019 article which to me says a lot:  “HORNA has never been and never will be anything but Satanic Black Metal. We have zero interest in politics..”.  To me this says, look beyond all the judgment of our music and listen to our sound.  Enjoy or don’t, its totally up to you. read more

They began their metal journey in 1993 and have produced well over 30 demos, albums, splits and other creative compilations combined.   Their newest album is “Kuoleman Kirjo” which is set to be released on 08 December 2020.

I say this a lot about metal, it grabs you and takes hold,  transforming your day.   What maybe was an all right, typical day, becomes better with metal in your ears, where the growls reach into your blood and the shrieks, drums, riffs, and atmosphere become your energy for the day.  Music memories are strong and if you find metal that moves you, then that is your taste and what you needed. Metal Marie

Band: Hræ

For this instalment of Underground ABCs I’ve deviated slightly from my regular practice of picking a band that I already know or adore. Instead, I’ve decided to choose a newly formed act that I’ve recently stumbled upon and that I’d like to learn a little about. read more

Today I am going to explore Hræ, a one-man experimental black metal band from Iceland who independently released a solid debut album “Þar sem skepnur reika” (Where Animals Roam) in February this year. The mastermind behind the act is ‘I.’ (Þórður Indriði Björnsson) also of Naught, Endalok, and Guðveiki. As the creator of Hræ he is proving that he is truly a master of dark dissonance and a seasoned metal professional.

Hræ’s sound is contorted, discordant and frothing with rabid aggression, it feels very contemporary but with a tip of the cap to the old school. I really enjoy this raucous style of black metal, where the chaotic evil within each track is only just restrained and there is an excitement that it may break free from it’s chains at any moment and unleash pure hell. This type of exploratory sound also allows for plenty of replay, as each time you re-listen to a track something new and unexpected will catch your attention.

Hræ is an exciting new band that I will be keeping an eye on and recommend that you give a listen. Amazingly, the debut album is currently ‘name your price’ on bandcamp so now would be a great time to check it out. Proua Metallist

Band: Hvman Serpent

This time it was a bit hard for me to choose a band for this article. Yes, it was. Many bands That I like starting with an H, some already gone, others still active but no releases, others keep releasing the plague in the underground. Bands like Hordes Of Loki (R.I.P.), Holmgang ((R.I.P.), Hermitage, Havok Legion, Hate Them All, Hordagaard, Hate Manifesto, Horns, Helgafell, Hatestorm, etc etc etc. But I must choose one band, so after a hard choice… read more

I chose Hvman Serpent. Why? Well, Some articles, reviews made in the past here on BAZ, I already said that I’m a big lover of the Hellenic Black Metal. I started to listen to this band when they released the first album named “The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism” and it was love at the first time. True. Since then, I try to get any new release they release cause I really love the music they do. Check them. You will not regret. The Key Keeper 666

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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