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For today our writer Jammerfal picks up the album “Chroniken Des Ablebens” from the German band Infestus. Check the opinions from the rest of the BAZ family. And… Enjoy your Sunday…

Band: Infestus
Title: Chroniken Des Ablebens
Label: Debemur Morti Productions (CD) / Slava Satan Records (LP)
Release date: 29 August 2008 / 25 September 2009
Country: Germany


When I had my first contact with Infestus I remember feeling something that you feel from time to time, and it does not happen with any band. It is a feeling of proximity and immediate attachment that when listening to their music you are instantly impregnated with their essence. This one-man band or project is another successful showcase of talent and virtuosity. read more

Coming from German lands, Infestus displays that typical black metal from that part of Europe. Many of you will know that I don´t like to compare bands, either because of their style or influences I think that each band tries to put their own DNA to their music and that is why I am not going to compare Infestus with other similar bands because it has everything that it takes for top-tier black metal. Quality in productions, melodies, and dark passages accompanied by intense riffs and formidable drum attacks.

In “Chroniken des Ablebens” none of that is absent. It’s a great album although I don’t consider it the best of Infestus, for me it is still a great album that projects very varied moments in its 8 songs. There is a lot of quality here and it is reflected in pieces such as “Manifesto Invidiae”, one of the longest songs on the album with a dark and powerful melody that accompanies the vocals in a great way with transitions that paint different landscapes, at times heartbreaking, at times melancholic and with feeling.

Another great song is “Entfesselt – Der Todestrieb”, also one of the longest. With a very slow start as walking through the lost forest, a devastated and desolate soul seeks to free itself from pain and find absolute peace in death. This song well accompanied by melodic passages is very intense and well worth listening to carefully to capture every detail.

Metal Marie’s rection:

Infestus was originally from Bavaria, Germany and they are black metal.  At the time of this 2008 album, “Chroniken des Ablebens” they were a two-person band consisting of Andras, aka Moloc, and Dagan, two of the three founding members.  Another founding member,  Harbarth, left the band in 2005.  In the making of this album Andras took charge of the composing of the instruments, and, some lyrics.  Dagan was the vocal and writer of most of the lyrics. read more

The first thing I am hit with is the powerful combination of vocals and instruments.  “Sterbend”, is softly melancholic, to a climbing of intensity.  As an intro, incredible.  Deep guttural growls, riffs and drums blasting relentlessly, with the vocals varying to a shrieking wail in “Manifesto Invidae”.  The melancholy, otherworldy tone is present here an leaves a great impression.

The atmosphere and pacing in “Entfesselt-Der Todestrieb” is very captivating.  The guitar is beautifully tragic in the intense nature of this track.  Sometimes,  metal just reaches in and gives words where there are none.  “Ready to Leave” is that subtle touch that goes to that place.  All said, my ears were very full of the intense black metal that Infestus offers in this album and I thoroughly enjoyed all that I heard.

Tom’s reaction:

So another month rolls by and another Random Earworms piece looms, another black metal release is chosen and so predictably enough (being no great fan of the genre) I’m totally ignorant of the band (Infestus) ​and the album (​“Chroniken des Ablebens”​). Although I tend not to seek out black metal, from time to time something comes along in the genre that I really enjoy (the recent ​Valdrin album being one example), so I do not recoil in horror at the thought of listening to some “new” black metal. read more

I immediately liked the atmospheric guitar passage at the start of the opening track “Sterbend”. Happily, this is not an isolated dynamic flourish. The album has plenty of what I would think of as the typical charging-through-a-blizzard style of black metal, but there are also lots of interesting dynamics, rhythmic changes and often cool “headbanging” passages that make me think of what seems to be the ​Darkthrone​ model: if it rocks, we can do it.

So while I’ll never be a huge fan of the black metal-style vocal approach it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker for me if I enjoy the music and yay verily this music do I enjoy. To go with the varied musical journey it definitely helps to have a beast behind the drum kit, pulling out all kinds of great battering fills (like on ​“Des Untergangs Untertan”). On ​“Entfesselt – Der Todestrieb” ​meanwhile the band takes another sparse, eerie guitar intro and here weaves it through the rest of the track, which is a brilliantly relentless assault of pounding percussion and charging riffing before the frenzy gives way a little bit and the opening melodic theme comes back in.

As someone who isn’t big on black metal in general I’m not the best person to say what is or isn’t “good” black metal, but I dig this. It gets the Tom seal of approval.

Proua Metallist’s reaction:

German black metal band Infestus is an act that has crossed my path but for one reason or another I’ve failed to delve into. So today, for the latest instalment of “Random Earworms”, I was eager to give the band’s 2008 release, “Chroniken Des Ablebens” (Chronicles of the Dead), my undivided attention.

A dark, brooding intro track opens the album, and for a brief minute or two I’m held captive by a solemn, alluring and haunting guitar melody which is slowly consumed by chugging guitars that begin seething, and smoldering, as the drums kick in. Then, drenched in reverb and shrill feedback the intro ends. This is a short opener that leaves me wanting more, however aside from the intro and outro the other tracks are all quite long and satisfying, running from seven minutes to almost nine and a half minutes. read more

Unlike the intro, track two “Entering Eternal Oblivion”, is not subtle in its approach and explodes with aggression from the outset. I’m slogged with an impenetrable wall of drums but quickly realise that the band have more to offer than just the standard flurry of blast beats and tremolo picking. Instead, Infestus possess an interesting structure to their work including satisfying changes in tempo, slow interludes, frothing fury and aggression, but also shifting, burning atmospheres that are intricate and all-consuming. I’ll admit by the end of track two I was entirely captivated, however what followed transcended all expectations.

After track three, “Manifesto Invidiae”, which turned out to be my favourite track, I was completely sold. I stopped the album, ceased writing down my thoughts for this very review and promptly purchased a digital copy of “Chroniken Des Ablebens” from bandcamp. I’m not writing this for dramatic effect either, I really coughed up the cash (even though I may risk eating beans on toast for a few days next week). Few albums have caused such impulsive behaviour in me, but this is exactly the style and calibre of black metal that I crave. It’s exciting, moody, widely varied which creates a churning, sinister turbulence, and offers some amazing transitions and beautifully elegant melodies. Each of the seven tracks feel essential to the greater work and together construct a potent black metal offering. This is a phenomenal album, I found it irresistible and it was worth every Euro.

The Key Keeper 666’s reaction:

Sometimes talking about an album that I know and love is hard, ’cause I can’t find the correct words to describe it, but also happens the opposite, I found all the words to describe it while introducing it to someone. Yes, it’s true. So I decided to talk only about when I got the LP from this band. read more

I remember getting the Debemur Morti newsletter informing the release on CD. Totally new to me the band. But the cover and the name caught my attention. I listened to one song or two at that time, It did fulfill my ears, but I didn’t get the CD… Luckily almost a year later, and I was in contact with Slava Satan Records, I got the info that the LP version will be out soon. I must have it. And I did.

I remember when I got it (together with a few other LPs from Slava Satan Records). A very good Gatefold with a very good looking. A very good edition for a very good damn album.

“Chroniken Des Ablebens” is an album that must be heard by all, not just the Black Metal fans. The music, the atmosphere, the riffs, very good damn album.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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