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What is music? Well, did anyone already thought about that? Of course, but anyone tried to develop the subject? When did the word music and its definition appear? How was created the definition of music? Who said it and wrote it?

The “scientific” or “social” definition is:
“Music is an art form, and cultural activity, whose medium is sound”, or “Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence, expressed through time”. But that is only that?

What music means to each one of us? What is the definition of each one of us? Music is just musical notes from instruments? Music is just about feelings? Music is a mix of sounds and feelings? Can anyone make music? All music styles created by “humans” are music?

Well, I can’t talk in the name of the others, but to me and answering the above questions…

Music means everything, for me is a LOVE, a need, a drug that I need it every single day, especially my METAL.
Music is a mix of sounds, that have some rules but at the same time, it doesn’t have rules. Strange right?
Yes and no. The yes part if it comes from one instrument and the no, cause you can do music with no instruments.
Yes, it is. Music must have feelings there, those feelings are yours and only yours.
Yes, it is. And a powerful mix to be honest.
Yes, anyone can do it, that is the truth. But it is good or not? Well, that depends on who will listen to.
Yes, but for that depends on your taste and you must respect the other’s taste.

Music is around you and everywhere?
Yes. Think like me. You are in a pub with some friends.
Someone is banging his hand on the table at a steady pace.
On the other side of the room, someone is stirring a drink with a straw.
A spoon falls to the floor.
The voices that are heard.
The footsteps of people who move from side to side.
The noise of the cash register.
The sounds of notifications on the phone.
The movement of each person in the chairs.
The door opens and closes next.
Etc etc

All those things together does music. If is good for your ears? Well, depends, for some is annoying all and some of those sounds. But all together, they do music. If you can understand or listen to all them, that is another talk. But all.. They do music.

Another example, and this one, not made my “humans”.
A simple walk in the woods or in the beach.

You stop a bit to rest or just to see the beautiful place where you are.
The first thing you thought is “Very beautiful”, “So relaxing”.
Well, yes, yes it is. But did you ever stopped, look around you and listen to?
There is music around you. The sound of the wind. The sound of the birds. The sound of the trees. The sound of the ocean. The sound of nature.

In the music made “humans” everything is important?
All the instruments and all the notes that come from it, must be in the right place at the right time? Oh yes, or you will sound bad, or they can be just random sounds and with no established order? That sounds ok or bad?
Well, for that depends on the taste of each one, the expectations of each one, the music that you are listening to, of what you want…

But… What is important in the music made by “humans”?
To this question, my answer is feelings.

Music can be easier when is done by nature. Nature doesn’t care about you and the sounds come randomly. Or not? Hmmm…
There is a sequence of sounds made on purpose from mother nature?
Yes and no. Nature doesn’t care about what you think. Just happen, for some reason. That is my opinion…

This is theme that can be “discussed” for many many hours and with a lot of different points of view… But, my final words are…

What is music?

By The Key Keeper 666


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