Dropdead – Dropdead 2020

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Band: Dropdead
Title: Dropdead 2020
Label: Armageddon Label
Release date: 25 September 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

So, this year I had the opportunity to jump on the new album release from Dropdead, who apparently now are back on the market with their third album, almost self-titled “Dropdead 2020”. Active since 1991, this group isn’t what I would personally consider particularly underground, but hey, with over 20 years since their last released full length album it’s fun to be a part of it, right?

With 24 tracks crammed into about 23 minutes, it reminded me to the band Birdflesh and their album Extreme Graveyard Tornado which I reviewed last year, however, the largest distinction would be the 4 minutes length difference between the two albums. And with that said, I will try my very hardest for this not to become extremely long.

“Prelude” sets the tone with drums and bass; its hardcore punk, fast and packed with attitude. By “Torches” you realize the attitude reflects political anti-Trump point. In short but quality bursts you get your dosage of punk beats and riffs with “Road to Absolution” and “Only Victims” and “Warfare State” more or lessreflect the time these guys have played together. Simple riffs not to the point where it becomes ridiculous, angry but audible vocals that don’t turn to the screamy side that usually come with this genre. 

As “Corrupt” goes it’s the same punk beat as the previous tracks, however “God Illusion” includes grind beats and a nice mix of punk rocky moments. Bands such as Nasum comes strongly to mind. “The Black Mask” carries good production as well as some grind core elements, these sorts of tracks give you a bit of everything and not just the full on punk hardcore stuff, definitely a nice change.

“Book of Hate” stands out as its almost three minutes long. I suspected at first that the recording had been accidentally left on, but it is just much slower and normally built in comparison with the other tracks. But never fear! You get fast ass hardcore here as well.

All guns blazing in the form of the 1 minute long “Stoking the Flame” and 16 seconds long “Bodies” and before you can blink the to-the-point track “Nothing Remains” is also gone.

“United States of Corruption” underlines even further that these guys don’t like how America is run, as well as “Will You Fight” feels as if its sort of a call to arms. “The Future is Yours” finally blazes by as sort of a last call to arms in this war against corruption and unfairness.

Overall, quite the good hardcore punk album with everything you would expect and then some. Its rather impressive, the tracks are in fact distinguishable from each other, even if some of them are only few seconds. Its obvious these guys are not newcomers to the scene; the performance is spot on and the feel of the tracks compared to the lyrics are well weighed in. Very well done, indeed. 8/10 Julia Katrin



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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