Altar of Patrons #12

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Band: Luna’s Call
Title: Void
Release date: 28 August 2020
Country: UK

This August was another exciting month for new music. I have to admit that I hadn’t many things on my radar, but some great musical surprises popped up over the past weeks. One of these was UK based, progressive death metal act LUNA’s CALL,who released their second album “Void” on 28 August. The first thing I want to mention is the amazing, detailed cover artwork, which is worth a closer look. Did you discover the spaceship on its way into the unknown?

The musical journey starts with “Merced’s Footsteps”, a beautiful intro. The following “Signs” brings in the death metal elements from the band’s description, mixed with a progressive song-writing. The result is a powerful, varied track. With “Solar Immolation”, which develops over 13 minutes and comes up with some nice changes in mood and pace, they show more of their high technical skills, and keep things very interesting.

“Enceladus & the Life Inside” is a mesmerizing progrock song, that invites you to drift away for a moment. They slow down here, but without losing tension.

Over the next four songs, LUNA’S CALL continue to play with these different styles, and they really know what they do. “Locus” is a mid-paced track with great melody lines, but also heavy guitar parts, while “In Bile They Bathe” brings back the death metal elements with full power. After the short, instrumental interlude, “Silverfish”, the great finale comes with “Fly Further Cosmonaut”.

LUNA’S CALL have released an impressive second album. The cover artwork and the professional production are two pieces of the puzzle, that show the positive development they took since their 2016’s debut (which was on a high level already). I like this expressive mix of different vocals, and the heaviness of death metal in combination with amazing progrock elements. Their varied song-writing keeps the music interesting and makes “Void” a great listening pleasure.


Band Members
Neil Purdy – Vocals/Guitar
Brad Laver – Bass
Liam Underdown – Guitar
Jamie Batt – Drums

Track List
1. Merced’s Footsteps
2. Signs
3. Solar Immolation
4. Enceladus & the Life Inside
5. Locus
6. In Bile They Bathe
7. Silverfish
8. Fly Further Cosmonaut

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