BAZ Underground Updates XXIII

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There is never a dull moment, is there? One moment it’s Tuesday and the latest UU article is being published, and before we know it the week is up and we haven’t managed to get anything done!

It is safe to say that our UU writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman have had their hands full in their lives lately, but nothing will stop them from having another update ready for our readers every Tuesday for as long as we have anything to say about it!

Now, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Lacuna Coil

This coming Friday, on the 11th of September, a very special live stream show will take place at 21:00 CEST, brought to us by one of Julia´s personal favorite bands, Lacuna Coil. “Black Anima: Live from the Apocalypse” will be a global streaming event that the group has spent months preparing and will be broadcasted from the historic venue Alcatraz, located in the group´s hometown of Milan. Not only that, but a new special t-shirt has been added to the group´s online merch store dedicated to this event and let us tell you, that they are simply fabulous!

Tickets are now available here and make sure to get one, because this live show will only be available for viewers online at the exact time it will be held, a.i., no later showtimes are available and the show will not be accessible to re-watch later. For further info visit the event´s Facebook page.

Band: Anachros

The ever-reliable home for extreme metal Blood Harvest have announced an extremely limited vinyl run of the debut full-length from death metallers Anachros. Featuring members of Eternal Solstice, Burning Hatred, Ulcerate Fester, Satanic Tyrant, and Profligate, “Invocation of Moribund Spirits” was originally released in 2017 and the band has clearly not been forgotten because the new vinyl is selling fast. There are three colours (all limited to 100 copies each). You can place orders here and should do so soon, because it doesn’t look like there will be any left for long. Check the track below for a sample:

Band: Tombs

Over on Seasons of Mist, Brooklyn’s Tombs have announced the forthcoming release (November 20th) of their latest album “Under Sullen Skies”. Bringing together their own unique blend of experimental metal (combining elements of sludge, post-punk and early black metal – you can also expect a soaring guitar solo or two) the latest album features a smorgasbord of guests from such bands as Integrity, Six Feet Under, Black Anvil, Psycroptic, Black Crown Initiate and Ides of Gemini. You can pre-order CDs and vinyl here (be warned the vinyl is selling out fast) and listen below:

Band: Gorephilia

The UK’s Ma Saco Un Ojo Records are one to watch for delightfully sickening extreme metal. This time around it’s Finland’s Gorephilia and their visceral, Morbid Angel-infused latest album “In The Eye of Nothing”. Due for release on October 2nd, the coloured vinyl is already sold out, but despair not, there are still copies of the regular vinyl (as well as digital) here. To whet your appetite we have a sample below:

Band: Ultha

If you’re looking for some terrifyingly dark and bleak atmospheric black metal Vendetta Records may have just the ticket for you in the shape of Germany’s Ultha and their latest 7” release “Floors of Heaven”. As hypnotic as it is disturbing, two different vinyl versions are already sold out, but you can pick up the black vinyl here and check out the lead track below:

Band:  Revolting

It’s time for a new release on Transcending Obscurity Records and that means tons of merch! As the name might suggest Sweden’s Revolting have a thing for all things gory and their preferred means of expressing that is through suitably chugging death metal (along the lines of Entombed and Dismember). Led by Rogga Johansson, (of far too many other bands to list here, but perhaps most notably Paganizer), their latest album “The Shadow at the World’s End” is available on frankly too many versions to mention. Just go to the label’s bandcamp page to see for yourself. Due out November 27th, you can pre-order now and listen to this sample track below:

Band: Black Magnet

Those of you in the mood for some industrial metal in the vein of Ministry and Godflesh will want to check out the debut album by Oklahoma’s Black Magnet now available from 20 Buck Spin on CD, digital and two separate vinyl additions. You can check out all the versions here and listen to a sample below:

Band: Confidential

Finally, we do like to point out fundraisers sometimes, and now we have come across a very special one. Confidential is a symphonic metal band from Norway, with the frontwoman Astrid K. Mjøen as vocalist and founder of the group, Frode Hovd on rhythm guitars, David Hovde on lead guitars, Robert Redmax Myrhaug on drums and Charlotte Stav on synths and backing vocals. Lately, the group has been working on their debut album, consisting of Astrid´s songs which are of a very personal character. As we all know, making an album is in itself quite costly and we therefore now have a chance to help out a young group make their dreams come true. However, just because I say “young”, that doesn’t mean inexperienced. Included in this group alongside the members, we have guest artists such as Jake E from Amaranthe, Madeleine Liljestam and Rikhard Ekberg from Eleine and Mike LePond from Symphony X. So, as you can see, quite weathered and talented artists are at work, and whether we like it or not this album IS going to be made. It is simply up to us to help it become reality a little faster, therefore giving us a chance to hear it before we all go crazy from never getting to go to a live concert. To support the group and check out the donation, head over to the Confidential Fundraising pageas well as further information on how you can be of help even if you are unable to make a donation.  

Yes, it is true, we have made it to the 9th level of Jumanji, and we here at BAZ believe that we have all managed to do so together quite well. Applause is in order for those who keep social distancing, simply waving others from the other side of the room and proceeding to wash their hands directly afterwards. Keep up your spirits and hope that one day very soon we will once again be able to come together again in the wall of death, but in the meanwhile, raise your horns in the security of your own living rooms.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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