The BAZ Underground ABC – II – Letter “E”

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The second time we are doing this article and we are really hoping that you can enjoy it reading like we had the joy to write the following lines to you and showing you some bands that we love. We know that are plenty of bands out there, but only a few can be chosen…

For today the chosen letter was E, so let us see how creative our team of writers got this week.

Band: Enisum

Today, the BAZ Underground ABC brings you the letter E.

My choice for band is Enisum. Formed in 2006, from Italy. They were the first black/death metal band from Valle de Susa and Val di Lanzo. Lys was the only member for a time, he played all instruments and performed all vocals. Later, Leynir, Dead Soul and Epheliin joined him and their first album as a group was “Samoht Nara” 2014.
The band has 7 studio albums, beginning with “Enisum” 2006, “Sedlec Kostnice” 2006, “Samoht Nara” 2014, “Arpitanian Lands” 2015, “Seasons of Desolation” 2017, “Moth’s Illusion” 2019 and “Enisum’s Roots” March of 2020. read more

Enisum combines strong elements of desolation and nature and their sound is unique in my mind. Deep, growling, haunting vocals, with breaks into clean vocals as the track “Moth’s Illusion” as one example, evidences. Melodies are sung in a building, reaching, to a highlight of blistering vocals and guitar riffs that elongate to sudden silence. Beautifully aggressive and atmospheric done well. Metal Marie

Band: Elyrean

A young thrash band from the UK with influences like Death and Sylosis these lads have great potential to be a force to be reckoned with when they released thier debut EP “Blacken The Sun” last year which was well received and they proved thier worth! with epic solos, thrashtastic riffs and solid songwriting it’s a feat well achieved by this young band and with thier full length in production as I speak its a exciting times ahead for them. Kieran

Band: EyeHateGod

E is for… EyeHateGod

When it comes to Underground and Extreme Metal New Orleans has left an indelible mark. Pantera, Crowbar, Acid Bath, Soilent Green, Down, Goatwhore and Corrosion of Conformity (to name a few) all have close ties to the city. But no discussion of New Orleans and Underground Metal counts for anything without mentioning the dirtiest, grittiest, grimiest purveyors of what we call Sludge Metal. Ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding for EyeHateGod. read more

Featuring the-Metal-musician-who-turns-up-in-every-NOLA-band Jimmy Bower and the unmistakable demented lyrics and strangled vocals of Mike IX Williams, EyeHateGod are the ultimate musical destination when you want your Metal harsh, noisy, darkly comic, surreal, ugly and abrasive. You’ll hear traces of Black Sabbath and Black Flag at their most grim and grinding, the band forging a sound part Punk and part Metal. Noisy as hell, I was lucky enough to see them in Prague earlier this year and my hearing was fucked up for days.

Leaving many a colourful tale of drugs, disaster and general misadventure in their wake (often with Mike IX at the centre), EyeHateGod also have a barrel-full of great songs to their name (a few worth mentioning right off the bat: “Parish Motel Sickness”, “Sister Fucker (Pt. I)”, “Dixie Whiskey” and “Jack Ass In The Will Of God”). You will be well served by any of their albums, but for anyone new to the band I’d probably start with 1993’s “Take As Needed For Pain” or the self-titled album.

I will leave you with the words of Mike IX on “Medicine Noose” from the band’s 2014 self-titled album:

            Her mind is strangled just like mine.
Her drugs are tangled just like mine.
            Hung by the neck. Hungover wreck.
            Pill cabinet empty off the shelf.
            Medicine noose machinery, drenched in sweat, draped in suede.
            Medicine noose machinery, child-proof cap, child-proof rope.


Band: EphemeraL

For a while now I’ve been following this group EphemeraL on Facebook. I have no idea where they came from, although I think I faintly remember one of the members sending me a friend request first. Anyway, even if I haven’t had much luck with metal for my likings from Greece since Rotting Christ, this group hails from Thessaloniki. Being fairly young and only formed last year, they have nevertheless released an EP titled “VII” containing seven tracks named after the seven deadly sins. read more

The melodic death metal blasting from the EP is just delightful to the point of where it feels like one of those easy listening albums but in quite the different ways than most others. The orchestration work so sophisticated to the point where it feels as a smooth summer drink on a hot day you just don’t want to give up. So should you be in the same position as myself where most experiences with metal from Greece has had the lasting repelling effect of trying others from the same country, I can assure you that this one is quite safe and certainly worth giving a go. Julia Katrin

Band: Eneferens

The Eneferens band is not a band but a project of a single musician named Jori Apedaile. The multi-talented young man also has another black metal project called Hyalithe. From Montana, United States, Eneferens fill our ears with three beautiful albums of atmospheric and melodic black metal that is so transporting and spectacular.
This band reached my ears a while ago on the recommendation of a friend on twitter who mentioned that this was real music. And oh yes. His nuanced and melodic style makes for a transformative listening experience. The fact that he is a single musician achieving such quality of work never ceases to amaze me, although we already have examples of this type in projects such as Ellende, Malist, Evilfeast, and many others. read more

His three albums are exquisite and worth every penny you invest to have them in physical format either on CD or vinyl. Having them in the collection is mandatory. I’m already looking for mine.
The first album is The Inward Cold, followed by In The Hours Beneath from the same year 2016 and finally, we have The Bleakness of Our Constant released in 2018.
The three full-lengths deserve all the recognition and you can see that Jori is looking to keep track of releases so very soon and I hope so, we will have a new album, maybe next year.
He has also been very active in several tours and shows throughout the United States, doing tours with bands such as Harakiri for the Sky, Numenorean, Gates to the Morning but apparently without leaving Europe which would be a leap in quality for Jori and Eneferens.

What you are going to hear from this band are beautiful melodic moments accompanied by melancholy and feelings. The guitar solos accompany the acoustic passages and the clean voices provide harmony and very special mid-tempos. Brilliant and beautiful. No more words, go and listen to it now! See you soon, Jammerfal

Band: Emyn Muil

Emyn Muil is a one-man project from southern Italy that uses a decoction of black metal and dark synth to create a rich and tantalising brew, with hints and flavours reminiscent of Summoning. The mind behind the project belongs to “Nartum” (Saverio Giove), who formed the band in 2012 after, according to online interviews, discovering that Falkenbach was a solo act. Giove cites Summoning as a major influence for Emyn Muil’s sound, in fact his work stays so true to the famed Austrian act that he was invited to make an appearance on the 2016 compilation “In Mordor Where the Shadows Are: Homage to Summoning”. read more

Unsurprisingly, the band name Emyn Muil is sourced from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, it translates to ‘the drear hills’ and is a location of vast, treacherous, hilly terrain that is encountered around the time that the fellowship breaks up at the end of volume one of the The Lord of the Rings series “The Fellowship of the Ring”.

All works by Emyn Muil are drenched in Tolkien’s rich lore and much like the iconic literary works, these audible offerings are absorbing, expansive and rousing. The experience is always memorable and exciting as the tones and moods switch and vary flawlessly. The moments of dark ambience can be biting, the epic black metal grim, while the orchestral synth breaks are full, sweeping and grandiose. At other times the drums and atmosphere are so robust that their weight feels crushing or burdensome. The result is that each album becomes it’s own fascinating aural journey. 

To date Emyn Muil have released two albums “Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga” (2013), and “Elenion Ancalima” (2017). However, September 25th 2020 will see the release of a new album “Afar Angathfark”, and I for one am excited.

If you are a fan of Tolkien’s lore or enjoy epic, atmospheric, dark synth with a juicy helping of black metal then I highly recommend that you embark on your own journey into the engrossing work of Emyn Muil. Proua Metallist

Band: Expunged

Expunged is a young band from Canada with only one relase till now, well, if I don’t mention the two demo tapes released before the EP. I didn’t mention cause the songs are the same, so… But let me talk about this band… read more

Expunged can be described in just 4 words. Old School Death Metal. The songs are very good, the sound of the band reminds a lot a mix of European Death Metal mixed with the Tampa, Florida style. Very well achieved to be honest. Luckily the band had the opportunity to see this amazing first release on the 3 formats, all by different labels. Vinyl by Hells Headbangers Records, CD by PRC Music and Tape by Funeral Hymns Records. It’s band to pay attention and hope that the next release comes soon and so damn good like the self titled EP. The Key Keeper 666

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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