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This is Vicious Rumors’ Year of ‘Decay’

In this special audio interview, Vicious Rumors founder and guitarist Geoff Thorpe discusses how the band’s 13th studio album, ‘Celebration Decay’ honors their classic sound. He also delves into his guerrilla-marketing experiences while a member of the legendary Bay Area underground four decades ago.

By Justin Smulison

Vicious Rumors began with a well-crafted…rumor. Founder and guitarist Geoff Thorpe may have been a face in the crowd as the Bay Area thrash scene was emerging in the early 1980s, but he was armed with a guitar, a dream and a clever marketing plan, as you’ll soon hear.

Through the years and several lineup changes, Vicious Rumors always kept to its roots of blending power, traditional metal and thrash. And with Thorpe as the driving creative force, they occasionally incorporated other genres to keep them on their toes.

Their 13th studio album, “Celebration Decay”, drops tomorrow worldwide via Steamhammer/SPV Records and it is a metal assault that, reflective of VR’s career, also features a few curveballs. The band recorded shortly after the extensive 108-date tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their iconic album, “Digital Dictator”. If you like VR’s classic sound and also dig their stellar output from the last 10 years (have you heard how hard “Electric Punishment” rocks?), you will undoubtedly enjoy “Celebration Decay”.

Blessed Altar Zine contributor Justin Smulison caught up with Thorpe to discuss the making of “Celebration Decay”, the special energy it captures and how an age-old networking tactic helped one of the most reliable American metal bands emerge from the underground.

Enjoy this special audio interview via the player below.


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