Baz Underground Updates XVII

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It’s strange to think about the fact that just this coming weekend it will be August, and fall is just about to hit us like tons of bricks. For those who have not used the summer to attend virtual shows or take advantage of generous offers and prices it may seem like this time has been uneventful and boring. However, for those who have not just sat idly by and actively supported all the great artists out there, let us here at the BAZ UU say, nice job! And to continue the tradition, Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman have returned once again with the 17th edition of the Underground Updates.

So let’s see what’s out there….

Band: Suicide Silence

Unfortunately, due to the fact that it is the last week of July, the virtual world tour Suicide Silence has been on the entire month is coming to an end. Only two dates remain, Wednesday the 29th where Paris and São Paulo are the target areas, and finally Thursday the 30th, in Moscow and Toronto. For the last time, we would like to remind you that included in the ticket is a 90 minute multi-camera live stream, exclusive sneak peek into the group´s upcoming „Live Life Hard“ DVD, 15% merch store discount, and much more! Head over to this site for tickets, and of course, we remind you of the group´s Facebook page for further information and time tables. 

This coming Saturday, Doro plans on performing her final drive-in show in Bühl and it just so happens that you can not only watch it from wherever you are in the world, but you can also watch it for the following four weeks in case you couldn’t make the stream, or if you simply want to watch it again. A look behind the scene is included in the stream as well as additional videos and more. The stream will begin at 9pm CET and you can head over here for further information and of course tickets. Make sure not to miss out on the queen of metal!

Band: Sorxe

Phoenix, Arizona’s Sorxe promote themselves as a new musical path combining Post and Sludge Metal. There are some nods to the apocalyptic fury of Neurosis, alongside an ear for melody that might bring to mind Mike Patton projects like Tomahawk. Originally released last year, you can get your hands on some fancy, newly-available vinyl editions of their album “The Ark Burner” here. And have a taste of the psychedelic heaviness below.

Band: Pig Destroyer

WRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHAAAAA Pig Destroyer are back! One of the best bands in extreme metal out there, Pig Destroyer, has carved out a sound that defies any genre categorization. It’s rough, tough, brutal, and very good. Their latest album “The Octagonal Staircase” is due August 28th. Expect carnage. Vinyl is selling out fast here, so don’t miss out. And get your ears turned to liquid below

Band: Exist

If you’re looking for some Progressive Metal with a real hard edge to it, it might be time for you to strap yourself in and take a dose of Exist and their forthcoming album “Egoiista”. You can expect great musicianship, songs that will weave around you, muscular and fluid as a python, and satisfyingly impactful riffs. Come feast on the limited vinyl and other versions here and check out the trippy preview track below.

Band: Havukruunu

Some powerful Pagan Black Metal for Sir or Madam? Finland’s Havukruunu will release their new album “Uinuos Syömein Sota” on the 14th of August, and by the sounds of it a furious battle is already underway. Two vinyl editions have already sold out on Bandcamp, but there are other versions available here and you can sample the epic sounds below:


There are few better named labels than Fucking Kill Recordsand coming on the 18th of September is a typically fearsome release on various strictly limited vinyl pressings. This split album between IXAXAAR NEXIA and GORGE is so caustic that it may well burn your face off. Check out the merch here and give your ears a scrub below:

Band: Decoherence

The music of Decoherence is so dark and enveloping, it may suck you into a monstrous black pit that you’ll struggle to escape from like quicksand and tar. You can thank Sentient Ruin Laboratories for delivering the band’s latest monolithic beast of a record “Unitarity”. Check out all the available editions here and dip your toes in the void with the sample track below:

Rumors and news of the “second pandemic wave“ have been lurking around so now it is time more than ever to take it easy, remember the personal hygiene rules and social distancing, and above all support the artists that need us. Let us all work together to get rid of this pest and make live shows, mosh pits and merch stands available for all of us again!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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