Marthe – Sisters Of Darkness

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Band: Marthe
Title: Sisters Of Darkness
Label: Caligari Records
Release date: 26 June 2020
Country: Italy
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Originally released in 2019 by the band itself, well, the correct is this one-woman band, Caligari Records release it now in tape format. And the lady behind it is Marzia, current drummer in D-beat crews Kontatto and Tuono, bass and vocals on The Mountain Moon and guitar player in deathrockers Horror Vacui and Marthe is her solo project and it’s…

A very good release of Heavy/Doom. It’s not my cup of tea, to be honest, but my curiosity and also my search for good music is always ready so when I check this band… My head, foot reacted so well. The quality, the obscurity in the songs, her voice, the rhythm of the songs, and their cadence., the tempo… Uh, la la. GOOD.

Divided in just 4 songs this EP with almost 32 minutes is one of the best releases I heard this year inside of the Heavy/Doom world.

The first song is the song that gives the name of this release. “Sisters Of Darkness” started with some little girl’s voice while the guitar is playing single notes. An introduction to the catchy riff that starts to be distilled from my stereo almost at the 02 minutes of playing. The voice is a mix of Punk/Doom style. I loved Marzia’s voice but there is something that I didn’t catch yet. Is sick and fits so well on the music. And the solo on the slower and more rhythmic part of the music is so atmospheric.

“Married to a Grave”… This name reminds me of some Horror punk/rock title song, for example, some The Misfits song titles. But music is not related… This song is so “catchy” the Heavy/Doom on it is so damn good. My head and feet too, couldn’t stop while listening to this song. The rhythm of the song, the simple but effective drums, the bass guitar that was bass and heavy, the “Orange” guitar sound, and once more Marzia voice… All together? So damn good.

“Ave Mysteris” the third song of this EP starts with one very good atmospheric way. Only the guitars and some synths, slowly it’s growing and then the drums appear around 1m 20s marking and doing a kind of “march” for what is near… The riff is slow, sick, heavy, some singalong clean vocals appear here and there and it gives a very killer atmosphere in the songs, reminds me a little bit Bathory.

“Awake Arise Silence” the fourth and last song from this EP and the biggest one too, started with some fingering on the guitar, and Marzia voice this time is cleaner and only on this song, I was sure that there are several voice layers recorded. Hmmm… And after confirmation, I was correct…
The tempos in this song change more times compared with the previous songs and it can be more catchy more rhythm, or heavier sometimes.

Like I said in the beggining, This music style is not my cup of tea or saying now, my beach, but it is a damn good release. I advice you to listen to this. For me… 8/10 The Key Keeper



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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