Baz Underground Updates XIV

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Alright metal heads! This week has a lot to offer and we believe that there is something available for everyone!

This week we’ve reached BAZ Underground Updates XIV and there’s plenty to share with you.

Let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Deadlight Sanctuary

It’s the height of summer over here in Central Europe, but in Bergen, Norway it’s always the dead of winter when it comes to the world of Black Metal. Deadlight Sanctuary is the name chosen for this solo project by the elusively named G (Goatkraft) and in “Thaumaturgical Rites of the Damned” he has brewed a truly monstrous concoction. Taken from the press release on Sentient Ruin Laboratories: “…a lone descent by the Norwegian musician into a sonic underworld of esoteric necromantic perversions and decaying sepulchers drenched with the stench of death”. Listen to the preview track below to hear exactly what they mean and check out the highly limited edition coloured vinyl here (among various available versions). 

Band: Nightbearer

Originally released in December 2019, “Tales of Sorcery and Death“ by Swedish Death Metal outfit Nightbearer is worth a look if you’re in the mood for some fantasy and horror infused metal and you missed it first time around. Newly available versions include limited vinyl, cassettes and CD (+ as usual digital. Check out all versions here and have a listen to this scorcher taken from the album.

Band: Sensory Amusia

Sometimes it’s just necessary to have your head caved in (metaphorically speaking!) with some crushing, hardcore/ grind infused death metal madness, and in such cases you are in safe hands with Lacerated Enemy Records. This week the spotlight falls on Perth, Australia and Sensory Amusia, with their ridiculously pulverizing “Bereavement” album due out on August 20th. But you can get in early for a range of limited CD and various clothing (some only available during the pre-order period) here. Taste a sample below of the skull-crushing that awaits.

Band: Trivium

This coming Friday, on July 10, Trivium will present to us A Light or a Distant Mirror, a global livestream concert experience live from Full Sail University, based in the band’s hometown of Orlando, Florida.

The 100% live performance contains a brand new stage production and arena style visual show, and as a special treat Sylosis will kick off the show! They are practically giving the tickets away so make sure you head over here and get yours secured!

Band: Suicide Silence

As covered in our last week´s Underground Update article, Suicide Silence continues throughout July to entertain us with virtual live shows and for this week we have Atlanta and Phoenix on July 8th, Stuttgart and Santiago on the 9th, Chicago on the 11th and Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Philadelphia on the 12th. To freshen up your memory; the live stream includes a 90 minute long multi-camera stream, skits and exclusive media content, video Q&A, exclusive sneak peek into the band’s upcoming Live Life Hard DVD and much much more! Tickets are available here and make sure to check the band’s Facebook page for all additional information!

As if you weren’t aware of it before, bands continue to need our support even if some restrictions have been lifted. We are still unable to gather in masses to attend their shows and so we must continue to show our support in other ways. So whatever your pick is, being it progressive doom metal, death metal, black metal, live performances, vinyls or other merchandise, there is something out there for everyone.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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