Random Earworms VI – Pemphigoid – Where Compassion Comes to Die

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Hello there, and welcome back to part VI of #RandomEarworms. Today we bring to you an English band named Pemphigoid so… Check our thoughts and talk with us a bit about it…

Band: Pemphigoid
Title: Where Compassion Comes to Die
Label: Independent
Release date: 2 March 2018
Country: England


Pemphigoid is a slow and brutal Death Metal band aptly named because it is a rare skin condition that causes large, fluid-filled blisters that are incredibly painful and make the victim suffer horrendously….so now the tone is set you are ready to embrace “Where Compassion Comes To Die” named after a “Red Health Care” video on YouTube about effects of the brutal condition. read more

Taking notable influence from Obituary, Bolt Thrower, and Entombed, etc they remain very much their own thing and stomp their way through the music scene making fans wherever they go. Pemphigoid is Oldschool Death Metal at its purest form and its gloriously thick and stompy, from start to finish its an engrossing listen that will take you on a journey of true suffering!
There are songs and riffs that stay with you and will earworm their way into your subconscious while you mime them while pacing around intently, for a self-produced record this is an ode to the tape trading days of metal underground and that spirit lives on through Pemphigoid.
Not to be missed by the Death Metal fans and people ignorant of this rare and debilitating condition.

Jammerfal’s rection:

I never heard before about UK death metal lads Pemphigoid. In this article, the idea is to choose an album or band not known (if it is possible) for most of the team. So the premise becomes a discovery in itself since we are talking about underground and unknown metal to spread this type of metal stuff. read more

When I pressed the play button my ears perceived a familiar sound recognizing certain powerful influences like Bolt Thrower and Bloodbath but with its own brutal and very dense sound.

This trio sounds great! “Where Compassion Comes to Die” is a short album, only 28 minutes but very well exploited, to the maximum.

I think that this band has a lot of potential because they show a strong attachment to traditional old school dm style and with a tremendous demonstration of attitude. 

The weak point is in the production that sounds very raw and not so clean but it does not detract from the very good work of these guys. Good debut album! 7/10 for me.

Tom’s reaction:

Pemphigoid is not a band I’d heard of before. Looking at the cover and the track titles I was anticipating some kind of gruesome death metal and in a way that’s what I found, up to a point. Various atmospheric interludes give the feeling of some kind of b-movie horror; maybe some zombie attack like in 28 Days Later? How apt to have a newscaster talking about an airborne virus during the times we live in now(!). read more

As to the music, it sounds like pretty standard chugging death metal at first. As it progresses some tracks like “Endophagia” and “Bite Radius” (probably my favorite track on the album) incorporate what sounds more like straight rock melodies. I don’t know if you could fit this into the category of ‘death n roll’, but the combination doesn’t really work for me. If I’m going to have death metal aesthetics of growling vocals, down-tuned guitars, and a grimey fill, I want the music to be totally brutal. Altogether it didn’t really grab me.

Julia’s reaction:

This week´s suggestion for a random earworm piece was in many ways different from the previous album picks we have had here. The band Pemphigoid from the UK released “Where Compassion comes to Die” two years ago and if you plan to Goggle that than make sure you write the whole thing because if you only write the name of the band you will be showered with information about an autoimmune disease that causes blistering and rashes on the skin and mucous membranes. read more

The 28 and a half minute long album breaks up into 9 tracks, and what I felt as I listened through was that each and every one of them has a very similar, predictable beat and personally if the heavy element was to disappear and the vocals be in a normal way this could have been made by Bon Jovi. Some of the tracks start out in different ways, such as a heart monitor stopping or what sounds like either a police car or an ambulance, but it did sort of tell them apart. It´s quite listening friendly, as when I gave it a go I had a brain squashing migraine that had been bugging me since the day before and yet I made it through without wanting to pull all of my teeth out. It didn’t feel like listening to death metal much. Perhaps I have just had a little bit too much of extremely heavy death metal and this was rather light and what I would call radio friendly. The vocals are quite simple and fit the formula. So if you are into the lighter side of death and would like to have about half an hour of predictable beat or if you are battling a migraine, Pemphigoid is the way to go.

The Key Keeper’s reaction:

Totally, new this band to me. For that, thank you Kieran for showing this band to me. The name caught my attention and I decided to check… Pemphigoid is a skin disease resembling pemphigus, chiefly affecting elderly people and is a group of rare autoimmune blistering diseases of the skin and mucous membranes… Well… Always learning… read more

Now the music… When I pressed the play button, I already knew that was a Death Metal band, But what kind of Death Metal band? With that name, I thought a brutal Death Metal band but… The first band that came to my mind on the first riff… Obituary. The music continues to flow and more influences came to my mind. Bolt Thrower, Six Feet Under, and sometimes Edge of Sanity in the more melodic parts. This almost 29 minutes album is an old School mid-tempo Death Metal. Catchy riffs, strong voice and the cadence in the songs made my time enjoyable while listening to this album. I hope this band releases another album soon, cause I want to listen too.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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