Baz Underground Updates VIII

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Welcome one and all once again to this latest edition of BAZ Underground Updates, brought to you as always by Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman. We’re still just about on the right side of sanity, but as always the healing elixir of metal in many flavours should never be far off. This week there’s a wide array of styles, promotions and live streams to check out.

Let’s see what’s out there…

Label: Black Lion Records

We’ve mentioned them here before, but Black Lion Records are having so many special offers it’s hard to keep up. The home of some killer new extreme metal from the likes of Marrowfields and Kvaen, the label currently have a ‘buy two get one CD free’ offer on all catalogue stock. On top of that on the label’s Bandcamp page there’s 25% off for the rest of the month with the code: may25. The same offer applies on the label’s new bigcartel site where the discount code is blacklionstore25. The label is still offering free shipping around the world and name your price on digital releases. Pretty awesome stuff and if you like the music you should definitely consider their subscription offer too.

Band: Insomnium

A while back we pointed out to keep an eye on Insomnium and their possible upcoming live stream events and other surprises. Well, since the last attempt they made on a live stream with a server host that then turned out not to be able to serve such a big audience and therefore caused the event to go out the window, Insomnium is now back with another event and a better host this time. Winter’s Gate Live Stream will happen on the 29th of May at 8:00 PM EET (19:00 CET) where the band will perform the 40 minute track/album Winter’s Gate as well as a selection of songs from other albums. Afterwards a backstage chat with fans will take place. This upcoming feast is one no mello death indulger should let pass by so get your ticket here at as well as you can read more about it on the band’s Facebook event page

Band: Sonata Arctica

Another event by the Finnish is also coming up on the 29th and 30th of May as Sonata Arctica sets up to stream live their show Acoustic Adventures 2020 through SemiLive. As this is the only chance for fans to see the group´s acoustic gig during 2020, we suggest you pay attention.
The first show on the 29th of May is aimed at the group´s fans in America, and you can get all the scheduled information you need at the band’s Facebook event page. The second event is aimed at the fans in Europe and the UK, which will take place on the 30th. All information for the show is also available on Facebook. Tickets are now available here and will give you access to the live stream and the archived video for 48 hours.

Band: Statement

Further in the same region, although not Finland, the danish members of Statement are planning to live stream a full show for absolutely free on the 29th of May, and rumour has it that the band does have some surprises up their sleeve. Check out the event on their Facebook page and tune in at 20:00 PM (CEST) in order to not miss a single thing.

Band: Candiria

Last week Candiria guitarist and Rising Pulse Records founder John LaMaccia kindly gave us his time for an interview (you can read it here) and if you feel like spending some more time with Brooklyn’s great genre defying metal experimentalists, now is a great time as there’s been a slew of cool merch becoming available over the past couple of weeks, from limited vinyl to t-shirts to CD collectors edition of their underground classic “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”. There’s even a cool Candiria stainless steel water bottle(!). Check all the offers out at the Rising Pulse Records store.

Band: Henry Kane

The latest project by Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Heads For The Dead), Age of the Idiot” by Henry Kane is a crushing death metal/ grindcore avalanche that might buckle your brain. The album is out now on the great Transcending Obscurity Records and that means you can expect hoodies, t-shirts, special edition signed CD packs AND a ‘name your price’ digital download. Pretty risk free if you want to try out putting your ears in a concrete mixer. Check out all the offers here. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

Band: Malokarpatan

Slovakia’s Malokarpatan have created a classic heavy metal landscape all of their own, with black metal and a pagan feel blended together, topped with excellent musicianship. Their most recent album Krupinské ohne received a well deserved 10/10 from our own Proua Metallist earlier this year (check out the review here). You can now pick up a limited vinyl copy of their previous album “Nordkarpatenland” which is on its second vinyl run. There’s only a handful of copies left, so get your hands on one fast here.

Band: Mortify

Sounding like they just emerged from a putrid swamp, Mortify have delivered a delightful dose of death metal/ grindcore nastiness with their new release “Stench of Swedish Buzzsaw”. 20 tracks in 11 minutes, these are some prime slabs of extreme metal. Check out the release page on bandcamp to see all the cool limited vinyl versions Fucking Kill Records have to offer.  As the press release states “you’ll have your face completely ripped off with the taste of their Buzzsaw Grind”. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

We all miss going out to concerts, shows and festivals and we are nowhere closer to getting a chance to go to one this year, but while we wait with our fingers crossed that those that are still planned for the last part of the year won’t be cancelled, we can still attend virtual shows and livestream where we can show our support and get that live show feeling we so desperately need. If you are one of those who lives on metal festivals and concerts, the coming Friday will be a treat for you so by all means take full advantage of the possibilities.

If you prefer however the comfort and relaxation of your own home, then the other mentions might be more up your alley. In all cases, there is something for everyone and no need to be bored out of your mind! Julia Katrin & Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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