Random Earworms V – Resurrection “Embalmed Existence”

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Hello there, and welcome back to part V of #RandomEarworms. As you already notice, where the Blessed Altar writers take a listen to one album that means a lot to one of our members family. For this edition it was me and I choose “Embalmed Existence” from 1993. The first album from RESURRECTION.

The Key Keeper

Band: Resurrection
Title: Embalmed Existence
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: April 1993
Country: USA

The Key Keeper

Let’s go back to 1993. I remember so well the first time I got the cd on my hand. I remember to look to the cover, so typical at that time but so damn good and of course. A typical Death Metal cover. Lovely. When other bands were playing fast and trying to make the most brutal Death Metal album. RESURRECTION did the opposite. This album has the “weight” of a Death Metal, yes it has. But it has much more. It have a groove, it has an amazing atmosphere around it. Ok, I admit that also looks a bit of what OBITUARY did. read more

The cadence on the songs, the sound production (Recorded at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida, and Co-produced by Scott Burns & RESURRECTION. Just another classic recorded there like many many many others Death Metal classics). The riffs in the songs, the intros (spoken intros) that many people say that is annoying, the drum by Alex Marquez, that time also in Malevolent Creation. It also has one cover song (good in my opinion) “War Machine” by Kiss.

For me, this a classic album. A very good one to be honest. This is one of the classics from the Death Metal Tampa, Florida age.

Note: This album was Reissue/Remastered by Hammerheart in double Cd and double LP plus other limited editions. If you didn’t grab this classic at that time, you can do it now.

Jammerfal’s rection:

Well, another RE article to listen to an album almost unknown by many of us, very well known by others. What is this band presenting on this album? 
Well, in my opinion it´s a Florida style Death Metal well marked for the rise of the scene in earlies ’90s. However, despite being in the right time and place, RESURRECTION did not survive long. Although this album does not sound perfect, it is quite pleasant to me despite the introductions narrated by a slightly strange character. It’s like there’s a mix between some of Running Wild’s pirate songs where you hear a lot of people in the taverns drinking and laughing, and someone creature like Gollum doing the narrations. Weird. read more

But if we go to the strictly musical there is a good set of riffs and the repertoire of the drums is very good. Mr. Paul’s rotten voice is well applied and I like his work. The bass sounds very good, it is heard in the moments that mark its passage. I am not going to compare RESURRECTION with other related bands in the subgenre but I want to say that it has certain shortcomings and strengths on this album. After listening to it a few times I ended up finding it a bit flat, without any song that stands out from the rest
since its composition is very similar in structure and the whole album is heard as a block. But in my humble opinion it´s a good Death Metal delivery that metalheads can enjoy! Riffs everywhere. 7/10 for me. Good album.

Darksun’s reaction:

I’m a fan of Death Metal, so this album, just hit home.
I wish I’d have heard them in 1993 because wow, incredible sound. The vocal is guttural and it keeps my attention. It’s immediate rhythm and energy and force of riffs get you right away.
“Disembodied” first track, sets the stage, solid, this is what we offer intro. “Rage Within”, damn. Those riffs just keep delivering. I listened to that one over and over, marveling at how that track was arranged. read more

“Embalmed Existence”, “Smell of Blood”, “Torture Chamber” the next 3 tracks, excellent for my ears. Then, we get to “Eyes of Blind” and that just keeps going with blistering riffs. Loved it. Finally, “Test of Fate” and “Pure Be Damned” more of the ear candy that holds on.
I will say I had first found the album that had the spoken intros to each track and in my opinion it didn’t need that extra. Just hit us with Death Metal, like what was given in each track.
Very happy to have been introduced to RESURRECTION. Metal Marie

Tom’s reaction:

Originally released towards the end of the golden age of Death Metal, this album is definitely of its time. Whether a direct influence or not the vocals have a very Dave Vincent (MORBID ANGEL) feel to them, a kind of sneering, demonic delivery. The music meanwhile is very typical of Death Metal of that era. The comparison I hear most often is probably OBITUARY, with chugging riffs often on the slower, dragging side. All that is fine in itself, I do like me some old school Death Metal. The question is though, what does this bring to the table that’s different from all the classic Death Metal releases of that time? Not much that I can hear. read more

One novel thing this album does have is this laughing demon narration that
separates many of the tracks. Some people probably find it annoying, but I actually don’t mind it. It adds this ghoulish layer to the whole effect, but with this guy talking about drinking his piss and generally acting deranged it makes me feel I should be getting some really out-there and deranged music to go with it. The music here doesn’t quit live up to that.

For 30+ minutes spent listening to some old school Death Metal this is enjoyable enough. I don’t feel like it was time wasted. The sound is heavy and grimy, the drums are pounding and there’s some decent guitar riffs and solos. Altogether though I don’t hear anything to make this stand out as some lost treasure of the genre. Decent Death Metal.

Julia Katrin’s reaction:

After having been somewhat absent lately from the Zine because of school and other things, things have now finally started to slow down around me and I am yet again able to participate in our many different Sunday features. Much to my pleasure this Sunday it was one of my favorites; the Random Earworm, and the pick was the album “Embalmed Existence”
from 1993, by Resurrection. A fancy pick right there! read more

The cheesy spoken parts are there at the beginning of the tracks before the Death Metal takes over. The sound is quite similar in my opinion to the group´s Floridian peers but from what I understand they came into the scene a little after other bands such as OBITUARY, but that doesn’t mean they do any less of a job. What stands out for me is obvious great vocals that fit
perfectly into this style, and the rest isn’t far behind on the well-practiced instrumental handling, and on par production. However, every time that voice comes into the beginnings of tracks to speak a few words I couldn’t help but think of that Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt. Not sure if I should stick with the previously used word “cheesy” or if I am somewhat intrigued. I’ll let time decide on that.

What we get in the end if a cover of the song War Machine by Kiss and I’m left on the fence of if the original track was done justice. However I won’t bash on this album, it was a pleasure to give it a go and it painted pictures in my mind to have the Crypt Keeper pop up regularly to tell me something like evil speaks to him every waking day etc.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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