The Suns Journey Through The Night Exclusive Stream

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THE SUNS JOURNEY THROUGH THE NIGHT is from Birmingham and already released three demos and an EP. No-one the mastermind behind this one-man-band is back with 7 tracks of raw black metal / dark ambient clocking in at 39 minutes.  

“Eternal Black Transmissions” will be released on 29 May in tape format by Repose Records and perfectly blends the raw Black Metal with Ambient. Bands like Paysage d’Hiver, Spectral Lore, Vinterriket, or Moloch came to my mind while listening to the track “Watching the Passing of Time as Light Leaving the Body”.

The atmosphere created by No-one in this album is really absorbing and done in such a good way. You will feel that someone has grabbed you, that has taken you to the depths, but you will not feel trapped. On the contrary, you will feel comfortable… Strange? Perhaps, but it was the sensation that I had.

I really want to grab this album and have one copy for myself. You should do it too.

The album is divided in the following seven song.

1. Rise of the Godless Tyrant
2. Lightning Scars Across a Dead Planet
3. Holy War of the Lesser Light
4. Beyond the Spectral Veil
5. Come and See
6. Watching the Passing of Time as Light Leaving the Body
7. Eternal Black Transmissions

The Key Keeper



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