Marrowfields – Metamorphoses

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Band: Marrowfields
Title: Metamorphoses
Label: Black Lion Records
Release date: 24 April  2020
Country: USA
Format: Digital  promo

A new band to discover and be surprised of course. The doom metal gods are caught with a smile in their faces while Marrowfields sounds in the distance. It´s because their sound is so good that I can imagine walking through the landscapes painted in “Metamorphoses”, the band`s debut full-length. From the beginning of this dramatic year, we have been bombarded with tons of death, black, and thrash releases and it´s great for sure but for me, this is like a big breath of fresh air and to be fair, similar to the “Godthrymm” doom masterpiece released in February.

Let me introduce you to Marrowfields. They are from Fall River, MA, USA, and have been active since 2015 and released a demo in 2016. It has been four years for this group to mature and achieve the stunning sound they present in this great work. The band has five members, Brandon Green (guitars, composition, lyrics), Tim Cabral (bass), AJ Grimes (drums), Josh Moran (guitar), Ken Gillis (vocals) and the collaboration of Bliss Auburn from The Fateful Hour on guitars in tacks 2,3 and 4. With this great line up the band delivers an outstanding album to say that they are firmly standing on the ground and ready to take on the challenge of being better known on the scene. If you like Primordial, Candlemass, Pallbearer, Agalloch, etc, you should give a listen to Marrowfields 

“Metamorphoses” have five excellent songs and a total time of 51 minutes and to say the truth they fly by and when you realize you have to go back to the beginning and play it again, over and over again. It is a very enjoyable work, with very melancholic passages like those that appear in the song of the same name on the album. Another piece with the same characteristics is “Crow and Raven“, a 10 minutes song fulfilled of moments and sound layers capable to transport you to beautiful landscapes. Going back to the beginning, the first piece, “The Flood“, starts with a dense melodic sequence of riffs and drumming with the bass in perfect lines and the voice of mister Ken wich is very deep and powerful. Every track has the perfect combination of sound layers and epic moments and as I said before, each one passes through in a great way.

I love the fact that each song title are represented in the cover artwork made by the artist Kishor Haulenbeek, and I agree with Count Vladi when he tweeted  “Marrowfields is mandatory”.

A short review by The Key Keeper was written in last Baz Friday article recommendation here (link)

It´s a well worth listen and deserves the attention of every doom metal lover.

If you listen to this album on the stereo you will be immersed in deep music experience filling the room you where and if you listen to it with good earphones the experience goes to another level. 9/10 Jammerfal


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9/10 : Epic Storm!
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