Winter Deluge – Degradation Renewal

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Band: Winter Deluge
Album: Degradation Renewal
Label: Osmose Productions
Release Date: 24 April 2020
Country: New Zealand
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

Get ready for an offering of intensely, brutal, black metal found within the creativity and direction of WINTER DELUGE.  Their music styling also reflects & celebrates death and thrash metal in a seamless cohesion.  This band is a must listen, to appreciate their sound and widen your own parameters of what you currently listen to. Give them a try! 

WINTER DELUGE first came to be in 2005, formed by the two original members of the band, Aaron Baylis and Nathan Baylis, who are brothers. Through changes in the band members movements, current members are the Baylis brothers (Aaron- guitars, Nathan- drums) Mort ( guitars) Thomas Meissner (vocals) and Tommy Gibson (bass). 

This band set themselves apart within the Australasian underground striving to make their sound stand out from other offerings in their genre.  Majority of their lyrics encompass nature, extinction, anti-human and Purity themes. 

Their newest Extended play album,  “Degradation Renewal” follows “Devolution-Decay”, full-length album, “As the Earth Fades into Obscurity”, full-length album, and “Vehement Visions of Nihilism” released as an extended play and a demo. 

The first track, “Mass Graves” throws you into the deep end upon hearing the first few riffs.  Taking your mind into the energy of the single, continuing to nail your ears with vocals and musicianship that doesn’t let you go. The abrupt ending of the song is key. I wanted more after that. 

The second track, “Cold War” continues to hammer your ears with brutality and again, the guitars just take you someplace else.  Very successful to keep interest going. What am I saying? If you love black metal this is one to listen to. 

Third track “What We Leave Behind”, slower introduction, slower riffs that show a variety of speeds to faster, grabbing on.  The vocals are spot-on for this song.  Song continues to take you on its journey and yes, this track stood out for me.

Fourth track, “Architects of Extinction”, going to their known theme of extinction, its a stellar vocal and excellent thrash in this.  Its well produced, and I appreciate the way the song was worked.  Another example of how this band has strived to make a unique sound. 

Fifth track “Within the Remnants of Humanity”, As the final track this keeps the brutal edge sharpened and the flow of the song is another that grabs. The vocals are well done and all of the sounds meld together and satisfy.  This album creates a place for you to escape to, musically achieving an otherworld that must be heard. 8/10 Darksun



8/10 To Greatness and glory!
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