Random Earworms IV – Know Nothing “Well Deserved Human Suffering”

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Welcome back to part IV of our recurring series #RandomEarworms where the Blessed Altar writers take a listen to something that might have slipped through the net first time round. For this edition it’s my choice, so there’ll be no Black Metal here. I picked “Well Deserved Human Suffering” the 2015 debut by Connecticut’s KNOW NOTHING. Brace for noise, chaos and carnage.

Tom Boatman

Band: Know Nothing
Title: Well Deserved Human Suffering
Label: Independent
Release date: 20 November 2015
Country: USA

Tom Boatman

Some bands really defy easy categorisation. With KNOW NOTHING being 1/3 ex-TODAY IS THE DAY (one of the most unclassifiable genre hoppers in Rock/Metal) it’s no surprise to discover this applies to them too. If TODAY IS THE DAY can be a reference point, the music here is probably closest to 1999’s “In The Eyes of God”. There’s little let up, like the sound of explosive rage and psychosis fed through Hardcore rhythms and metallic, sonic sensibilities. It’s fast and aggressive, with angular, abrasive guitar riffs, sudden shifts in tempo and direction and with a constant sense of menace. read more

The guitars buzz like hornets dipped in liquid nitrogen, while the vocals are mostly delivered in blood vessel bursting screams, and the drums, though programmed, do a convincing job of sounding like the kind of deranged, flailing battery of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. As well as manic, Hardcore riffing, there are some cool changes of pace, like the creepy breakdown in “Metal Forged in Magma”, all doomy, twisting guitars half snearing/ half moaning vocals; and the slow, darkly spacey buildup of “Death Song”, gradually ratcheting up the aggression and the pace. 

Music engineered to feed anxiety. If I ever start flipping tables, this will be the soundtrack.

Jammerfal’s rection:

This band, new to me, reached my ears through Tom‘s review of his newly released album in late March. It is not the style that I usually listen to often and in fact, I am one of those who pass by when it comes to hardcore. I don’t devalue the style, neither the bands nor the fans and I have to be honest with my words here. It isn´t my cup of tea. But the strictly musical thing about this album is its aggressiveness and dynamism that makes it “listenable” at least a couple of times. I am sure that my colleague Tom likes this recording because he has chosen it to be shared with all of you readers and supporters here at BAZ and also to have our opinion of something “new” to our ears. read more

The album is fast and its songs are short and dynamic. Guitars are for me the highlight of the work and I think aggressive voices hold the genre high, in fact, it does very well here. The instruments of this trio sound powerful, nothing to reproach them with. The drum perform here is fierce, powerful, and very well executed. It is a very sharp and high-quality sound production and I think that there are songs that are a punch in the face of being aggressive and violent. Energic. 7/10 for me. Good album.

The Key Keeper’s reaction:

First of all, thanks to Tom Boatman for showing me this band. First with this album, after that with the review made by him past 15 April 2020 (here). To be honest, if, weren’t you this album and this band was and would be totally unknown to me… In the past, many years, to be honest, I listening to a few of Harcore, Screamo, Punk or Oi!. Styles, to be even more honest, I only know very few bands. Maybe that time only the most known? I don’t know, but only a few. So this band reminds me a bit those times, times spent with friends inside many music styles and urban tribes. read more

This band, for me and it’s my opinion, is a bit “schizophrenic” with the changes of tempo, with the “changes of mood” while the music flows from my stereo. A mix of Harcore, maybe a bit of Screamo and Grindcore. If I look to the style, I have to say it, not my beach or cup of tea, but there are very good songs here. Many songs here with very catchy riffs, songs very well elaborated and balanced. If you are an open mind in music, go check this band. They have quality, and a good one. If you are not… Well, you will lose one good change to open your horizons. Thank you once more, Tom.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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