Ara – Jurisprudence

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Band: Ara
Title: Jurisprudence
Label: Independent
Release Date: 15 May 2020
Country: USA
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

When I got this promo and look to the band’s name, I thought that could be a Black Metal band. Well, maybe cause I knew one Black Metal band with that name. But I was so wrong…

I decided to listen to and what a nice surprise. I was kicked by the band’s sound. So good…

Moving inside the Technical Death Metal style, this band does it in an amazing way, and to be honest, long time I didn’t hear such good quality inside this music style. “Ashen” the first song of the album shows what you will listen to during the next 41 minutes.

But I can’t hide two things… First, what they do or play, is nothing new, but they do it very well. Second, a few bands came to my head while listening to this album and I can say that maybe are them influences. So if you like Anata, Suffocation, Old Cryptopsy, Gorguts, (it reminds me a bit too) or Deeds of Flesh, well… this is for you.

You can listen to songs more brutal and plenty of blastbeats, others with a bit less, some more “balanced”, some with big details, others with some very good solos, others with less of everything mentioned, but I can assure you one thing… The quality is there, Since the first note till the last note of the album. So I can say that the album can be a really savage one but at the same time melodic.

After listening to this album many times, I still can’t decide or better saying, what is the best song in this album, cause all they are so good and the album doesn’t have any up and down. But, I can advise you some…
“Ashen” A good opening. “Mythos” Bumm. Take some blast beats on your face together with some damn good riffs. “Cytokine Storm” amazing change of riff /passage for the solo, “Etymologicide” the biggest song on the album with 08:13 but so damn good, “Jurisprudence” the song that gives the name to the album and maybe the song with more variations/changes during the 04:07 length, “Excursus Praestinguo” even if it is just a “passage/bridge” to the next song but it grabs my attention, “Abhortion” amazing start and the drum kicks on this song… damn boy… “Pounded into the Multiverse” the song, where the vocalist sings faster…

See? I advise you some songs, and I thought I couldn’t. Ups… No, I didn’t. I advise you, the album and all the songs on it. Ahahahahah.

Check them. They deserve it, but if you like Technical Death Metal… You will lose one very good album. 8/10 The Key Keeper


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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