Asarhaddon – Reysa

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Band: Asarhaddon
Title: Reysa
Label: Geisterasche Organisation
Release date: 29 February 2020
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

The first time I heard about this German band and I only found it cause I already listened to in the past Part of the Anima and found out that the drummer was the same. So when I got this promo, I decided immediately to review it.

The name of the band Asarhaddon, is from one king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. Asarhaddon is most famous for his conquest of Egypt in 671. Now, the name songs are in German and if the translator is working correctly, I can assume the lyrics are related to that? Well, I really don’t know and I didn’t get the lyrics to confirm. But I think not, because the name of the album is “Reysa” and this old German word in from the late 13th century and means “journey”, but also “passing” and “death”. 

So, grabbing this last info and looking to the cover. Six bird skulls, the translation of the name songs, six songs on the album…
I can assume that “Reysa” is “journey”… But to where? To the future, I think…

So let me start talking about the music…
AS I already said this album is divided into six songs, and the first one is “Der Ursprung” that starts in a kind of melancholic acoustic and simple riff and what a perfect way to start the album. This first song is a very good proof of what you can listen to in the whole album. Did I already said everything about this album? No, I didn’t. The changes of tempo in this song are very well done, and that is because of the good riffs on it and the melody they bring? Yes…

“Die Vergängnis erwacht” the second song is a real “BOOOOOMMMM”, a slap on your face, a strong wind that blows you away. This song is… SO GOOD. The riffs, the mid-tempo part, the blast beat part, the voice, the structure of the song, the production, the bass, always present, even if simple and giving more “power” to the music. Since the first second till the last second, my head didn’t stop or even my foot. 

“Ein wahrlich wirrer Ort” the third song of this album, looked that would be a “slower” song and would be more “atmosphere” but I was wrong. At least related to the slower part. It is a song that can transport you (at least to me, it did) to another place and think. To me made me think, that mankind is just a mess. Curiosity? While I was listening to this song (on my fourth or fifth time), I made the translation, and… WOW. If the translator did it correctly… A big coincidence? “Ein wahrlich wirrer Ort (A really confused place)

Half of the album listened, the other half was coming…
“Der Aufstieg”, “Pfad ohne Kehrt” and “Am Ende ewiger Wasser”…

I could write a bit more, cause I have the words here to say about each song. The way they sound to me, the way that the two members in this German band are doing the things, the way they structured the songs, the way they play, the amazing riffs that I listened to. Damn… The feelings inside me while listening to this album were so good, the pleasure, the quality, the way they fill my ears, especially the song “Pfad ohne Kehrt” (perhaps the best riff at the beginning of a song, which I heard recently) or “Am Ende ewiger Wasser” (the biggest song in this album and the perfect song to end an album, at least this one).

You really need to listen to this album. You really need to feel the music. 9/10 The Key Keeper




9/10 Epic Storm
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