Asgrauw – IJsval

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Band: Asgrauw
Title: IJsval
Label: Death Kvlt Productions
Release Date: 20 January 2020
Country: Netherlands
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

This band started in 2012 and “IJsval” is the fourth album of this Dutch band. Well, if you don’t know them, I advise you to check our review from the previous album (here). So let me start to talk about this new album.

ASGRAUW plays traditional Black Metal and if you hope to find something else here, you will not. In my opinion, they decided to stay “Trve” or traditional and they decided not to add any innovation in the Black Metal style. Well, for me, there is no problem with that, and since I’m following this band since the first album named “Schijngestalten” (yes I did miss the demo, so I’m not trve enough) for me, the best way is to continue in the same way that I’m used to it. Not against the bands who do innovation, but some bands (personal taste) is better not.

ASGRAUW is one of those bands. I’m so accustomed to their sound, that if they started to sound different, I don’t know if I would like or even believe is that was a new album of them. In this album, “IJsval” like I said, nothing new, just traditional Black Metal more related to the second wave and the album is divided into 7 very well structured, strict and determined songs, in the rhythmic part, with an excellent and precise drum, with two vocalists and everything together? Sounds very good and the songs flow in a very natural way.

Songs like “Leeg”, “Stortvloed” or “Broeihaard”, just to mention a few, are the real proof of that. The production of this album is very balanced and clear, you can listen to all the instruments very well, this way the interesting details among the songs and the changes of tempos in all songs are very well understood/heard. One thing related to the cover, it is in the same way of the previous album “Gronspech”. Maybe the same author. Couldn’t find any info about it. To be honest there is nothing to say more about this good album, except one thing. Listen, enjoy it and support this band. 8/10 The Key Keeper



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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