SÁDON & TREHA SEKTORI – Symphony of Dying premiere

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Currently the Earth is inhabited by roughly 7 billion people with various faiths, different principles, from different cultures and so on. It’s almost impossible to find something that unites every human. Due to our backgrounds and life experiences, our views are unique and due to that fact, we see justice through subjective lenses. But there is one absolute truth in our world. Something that never discriminates, no matter what age, gender or faith we’re talking about. It accepts everyone. However, we shove it to the back of our minds, trying not to dwell upon it too much, because it scares us. The unknown it’s always a scary thing. Have you guessed it? I’m talking about death.

Yes, death is the only unequivocal truth. We’re all going to die. You could die fifty years from now or you could die suddenly in your sleep tonight. You could die peacefully or you could die from an incurable disease in unspeakable agony. However it is, you will die.
Death is a constant theme in our metal culture and an exorbitant number of bands tackled it, usually in a gruesome, exaggerated way. There are also groups that try to paint a typical depressing picture of it and others that present it in a maddening way, but what about a somewhat peaceful depiction of the end of our ephemeral lives?

If you feel intrigued, then you will definitely enjoy “Symphony of Dying” by SÁDON & TREHA SEKTORI. While short, barely 20 minutes of runtime, this collaboration’s meditative potency is far beyond what I would’ve expected. 5 songs that have a shockingly lush sound, considering their theme. They feel so calm, yet they possess a sad element that borrows deep within your soul and searches for that scary thing you hid away. It brings it up to the light, not to torment you with it, but rather to force you to face its inevitability and help you come to terms with it. These five tracks will enchant you with their primal, vast and melancholic sound that relies on minimalistic compositions, borderline Ambiental I might say. The beauty they display is alluring yet disturbing at the same time, a concoction of feeling hard to express through words. And this whole thoughtful journey ends abruptly, without us expecting it to, just like our lives will someday end too. I never could’ve thought of a more perfect ending to complete this piece of art.

There are two options: this release will either disturb you to your core or it will bring serenity in your mind. To find out, check the early stream down below and grab yourself a copyright here.

Words by Metal Gentleman

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SÁDON & TREHA SEKTORI “Symphony Of Dying” CD/LP (146th Cycle)
This unique collaboration between Sádon (RU) & Treha Sektori (FR) was intended to transpire what could be termed as “the essence of death”. Death is common and a constant, yet always different in context but similar in outcome. It is always a mystery, and questions always abound from it’s unraveling. As darkness unfolds, the desperate soul searches for a resting place as hopes and silent prayers resonate across all lands. Recorded in Russia, Germany and France in 2017, we’re honoured to present this poignant and otherworldly album that touches deep within and again reaffirms the high compositional skills of these 2 artists. Long live death. Artwork by Dehn Sora.

CD Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Matt Laminated Digisleeve
LP Edition of 300 copies, Matt Laminated Sleeve with printed Inner Sleeve on Black Vinyl.

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