Duskwalker – All They Know Is Fear

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Band: Duskwalker
Title: All They Know Is Fear
Label: Independent
Release date: 22 November 2019
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: Physical CD

DUSKWALKER is a band with a slightly complicated past. Hailing from one of Canada’s metal hotspots in Niagara Falls, Ontario they initially released their first album “Codex Mysterium” under a different band name (The Offering), having to change brand shortly after its release to keep the lawyers at bay. It proved nothing but a flesh wound with the band coming back after minor lineup changes with their sophomore release “All They Know Is Fear”. The new album is a bit of a departure from the band’s sound on the first, instead incorporating aspects of the sci-fi/horror themes and synthetics into a new diversely aggressive soundscape. DUSKWALKER have an easier to digest sounds this time around, avoiding a bit of their stranger side in order to deliver a steady stream of devastation to keep your head banging!

Things start off with an intro track “The Return”, engulfing you in an evolving groove that bleeds right into “Dimensional Collision” to crank up the power and furious melodies which are turbocharged by the quick and thick as hell death growls that almost reach Archspire speeds (almost). This track is pure metal; full of dirty squeals, crushing percussions, and an exploration of breakdowns, solos, and other eccentricities to set the hook deep.

“The Crawling Tongue” introduces a more versatile spectrum to the screams, with lead singer Joey ‘Bricks’ Scaringi exploring a deeper tone in the lows and a more refined crisp growl over top the headbang inducing chaos. “Madness Unleashed” and “Dyatlov Pass” continue the groovey hooks, dimebag squeals, and deep growls but they also explore some interesting content with the Chernobyl subject matter. “Shadowcreeper” really increased the pace of things. Starting off with an onslaught of shred, the song reminds me of a mash between Nile and Pantera. Guitarist John Robinson and Bass master Matt Grabon deliver striking leads that guide the overall tone of the songs with brilliant technical rhythms and an unrelenting force from the drumset of Cale Costello to back them up.

DUSKWALKER slows things down after this one with “Bielek” starting a building chug before settling into a slower tempo crawl that absolutely explodes into one of the albums best guitar solos. I love how this one comes out of nowhere before once again stopping on a dime. “Domus Volant Noctuae” carries on with beautiful clean guitar instrumentals that offer a moment of tranquility and reflection before “The Crushing Weight of Guilt” slams your brain in a completely new direction! Things are as crushing as the title indicates with an almost Gojira level bending in the riffs at times.

“All They Know is Fear” ends extremely strong with the last two songs highlighting the bands sound and complexities. “Masters of Vril” crawls through the swamps with a slower tempo and loose structure before blasting into some blazing solowork.“Ripping Terror” on the other hand is a full throttle assault. Leaving nothing for ration, they deliver a high energy romp full of shredding and ballistic percussion before ending everything in a deafening silence.

Your neck is going to hurt after giving these guys a spin. DUSKWALKER evoke a pure metal spirit that hones a modern groove into a heavier and darker place where all they know is fear! Their tunes pick and pull accents of influence from a wide spectrum but overall stay true to a highly accessible and aggressive metal barrage. Every song on the album is different but shades of Dethklok, Carcass, Pantera, Amon Amarth, Revocation, and Nile can be felt in the shadows around every turn. “All They Know Is Fear” proves to be one hell of a ride, in which I’m sure will resonate a diverse group of metalheads. Crank this up loud and apologies in advance for tomorrow’s neck pain! 8/10 Metal Yeti


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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