Liosber – Constrictor: Redeemer

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Band: Liosber
Title: Constrictor: Redeemer
Label: Vendetta Records
Release date: 21 November 2019
Country: Denmark
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

In a considerable amount of instances I find myself in a state of mind where I need nothing but a sense of inner peace and how else can it be achieved rather than listening to some evil music? Yes, it might seem a little odd and puzzling, but to get to my happy place I first need to wander through Hell, and Liosber is here to accompany me with its short but solid auditory underworld. 

Liosber is a Danish group that is signed to Vendetta Records, a label with an ever-expanding roster of great acts like Vukari, Ultha or Woe, among others. Constrictor: Redeemer is a short EP, only 4 songs that don’t exactly reinvent the wheel, but rather try to create a better version of it. I can assure you, what you’re getting here is top-notch black metal. It’s somewhat melodic, however, it definitely isn’t welcoming and without a doubt not friendly either. Musically speaking, even in the midst of the flurry of blast beats, the EP doesn’t feel suffocating and that is because Liosber doesn’t need to rely on an asphyxiating sound to be menacing. The production is clean and not overly polished, which is pretty neat. 

If you enjoy black metal I don’t think you’ll find anything here to dislike, besides the short runtime. The EP has been released digitally for a while now, but now we finally get a vinyl version, for all the hoarders out there (myself included). Take a listen below and grab a copy of the 12” vinyl here.



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