Altar of Patrons #3

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Hello and welcome to the Altar of Patrons! Every month, our patrons get the chance to bring forth to the Altar an album of their choosing that they deem worthy of the attention of the devotees. Wish to take part in the offering? Surrender your soul and a bit of your cash here! Check our patron Katha’s pick below!

A few weeks ago, I became aware of Noveria thanks to one of KMan’s “Upcoming Terror” posts. “Broken” was the first song I heard, the strong vocals got me from the beginning. And there is an amazing guitar/keyboard solo, so in the end, the preorder for Aequilibrium was placed and the release day highly anticipated. 

About the band: Noveria are from Italy, formed in 2014, and this is their third album. 

Thematically, Aequilibrium is about a devastating earthquake in central Italy, and the hard way of achieving balance again after that nightmare. The lyrics are mainly about loss and struggling, so it’s not an easy one. 

Musically, it’s an amazing power metal album with progressive influences, all musicians play with high technical skills. My highlights are “Waves”, “The Awakening” and “Broken”, very energetic songs with high pace. But also the slower tracks fit good in the context. 

There is nothing completely new on Aequilibrium, but the expressive vocals and the awesome guitar/keyboard work make it a great listen. 

Check them out on Bandcamp here!


**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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