Nex Carnis – Black Eternity EP

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Band: Nex Carnis
Title: Black Eternity EP
Label: Blood Harvest Records
Release date: 27 September 2019
Country: Iran
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Death metal flows through the veins and neurons of metalheads all across the world. Iran is not usually a country that gets associated with this sort of thing, but that’s the beauty of the underground. Adding to the growing rumble of extreme metal in this part of the world, NEX CARNIS are back with another gruesome taste of devastation with a short EP they’ve called “Black Eternity”. The cover art is on a similar melting skull tangent from their earlier material with a classic black and white mystic. They’ve partnered up with Blood Harvest this time around and it’s no surprise the end result is extremely polished.

NEX CARNIS play a wicked blend of classic knuckle-dragging death with a highly technical and varied style which gives them a cutting edge in the ever-crowded metal landscape. The EP opens with “Last Gleams of a Fallen Conscience”. After a punch in the face with percussions and a consuming opening riff that engulfs the earbuds. They experiment with a few different tempos, showcasing an array of clever riff combinations in the swarming madness.

“The Fathomless Caverns of Oblivion” starts with an alternating pace and some full-throttle guitar and drumming. Featuring some scorching solos and even a crushing breakdown, they manage to keep everything flowing without sacrificing aggression. NEX CARNIS definitely pull from a number of influences but the low dark vocals are of Swedish descent, working well with the savagery at hand. Things end off just as quick as they began, with the visceral entropy trailing off appropriately into the caverns of oblivion they’ve lured us into.

NEX CARNIS like to move between ripping your throat out and drowning you in the mud, a highly enjoyable experience I might add. My only criticism of the latest efforts from these middle eastern metalheads is that it was much too short of a listen. Coming in at just over ten minutes, we are given just a taste of their diabolical concoction. With their first demo in 2012 and debut full length in 2015, here’s hoping we hear much more from these metalheads in the near future and not an eternity to come! 9/10 Metal Yeti


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9/10 : Epic Storm!
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