Atavistia Exclusive Stream

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The epic/symphonic/melodic death metal band ATAVISTIA is hailing from Vancouver, Canada. With a new track. Diverse, atmospheric, technical, the band is influenced by the epic landscapes and nature of British Columbia. The music is cold and ice-melting at the same time. Visions of vast lands long forgotten in time are the key elements behind the music of ATAVISTIA.


Band’s debut, “One Within The Sun” was released in September 2017. It was initially created as a one-man project by the founder, Mattias Sippola. Now ATAVISTIA is having a full live line-up and the guys have already planned 5 live dates with Solborn at the end of October/beginning of November. ATAVISITIA are also working to finish their second full-length album, due for release in March 2020.

Today Blessed Altar Zine has the pleasure to present you exclusively the premiere of the brand new epic track “Through The Hollow Raven Eyes”. Blast these nine and a half minutes on max. It’s an epic and soaked with lots of emotions track.

…Reborn of the ancient sun
Within the endless stars
To discover the hidden universe
Created by the void
Conceive the secret path within
There is no higher
For the hearth’s fire defined
Engulfed by the morning light…


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