The Last Reign Exclusive Stream

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Let me paint you a little picture; a Buffalo based melodic death metal band THE LAST REIGN releases their debut album “Expulsions from Paradise”. Years pass without a new release. But oh! Look! A new upcoming album Evolution is announced! You want it right away, don´t you?

Even better, the band announces an EP to be released just a week from now, on the 11th of October! Wow, this picture just keeps getting better!

And now for the final finish….

Blessed Altar Zine is proud to be a part of an exclusive stream no later than TODAY of the track “Denouement” from the upcoming EP from THE LAST REIGN titled “Prelude”! Serving as a teaser for the second full length album “Evolution”, it also presents to the public the new lineup of members.

Inspired by long lasting highly regarded bands such as In Flames, Dark Tranquility and At The Gates, I can state it as a fact that the three tracks I sank my claws into from the EP braid together delightful familiar sounding music with futuristic dystopian themes. Although labeled as melodic death, I felt as if it wasn’t exactly the typical sound of that genre. Something else is mushed in with it, resulting in a quite enjoyable 12 minutes of listening time.

May I suggest you take a little time to enjoy the track ahead?

by Julia

Adam Svensson – vocals
Brian Platter – guitars
Seth Welty – Bass
Vince Mayer – drums


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