Hot Breath – Hot Breath

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Band: Hot Breath
Title: Hot Breath
Label: The Sign Records
Release date: 18 October 2019
Country: Sweden
Format Reviewed: Digital promo

No skulls, no snakes, no witchcraft or occult references. No mention of Satan and no direct Sabbath references in HOT BREATH debut EP. So what are we doing here then? you might ask. Got to be honest, I asked this myself some weeks ago when Tom (think it was him) from BAZ told me this was in my sonic neighborhood.

So I took this promo and sent it to my phone where it seated for days. The four HOT BREATH members stared at me every time I opened my music app. It felt a little awkward like I owed them money, or a listen… Finally, I surrendered and started playing one song first, then two songs, and then I wasn’t changing to another album. I was soon listening to the six songs with gusto and a smile on my face. I wouldn’t lie if I told you that I might be seen singing along the lyrics and humming the melodies, stomping my feet to the relentless rhythm. As usual with the music, we love, and mostly with music that in some way is an homage to the classics we keep trying to catch some of the influences that the band and it’s sound has. But don´t be fooled, this is no nostalgic copy cat. Of course, the sound is rooted in the 70’s hard rock seminal DNA. Add some metal licks (you will hear them) and voilá!! Hits you like HOT BREATH indeed! In a good way of course if that can be possible.

Make no mistake, this is no way a “heavy metal” or “dark” EP. This is hard rock and it’s meant to be fun! Fast and loose (as Lemmy said). Pure honest in your face hard rock born in some overstuffed garage annoying parents and neighbors alike. And like any rocking sound, this is meant to be played live, as hard and loud as possible. Where´s the beer??????

These guys and gal come from well established names such as Honeymoon Disease and Hypnos. So it´s no news why this new band sounds as tight as Lemmy´s jean shorts! Oh! And the vocals by guitarist Jennifer Israelssons are one of my fave things on this excellent EP.
Please, don´t brush your teeth until you hear this one and get your 22 minutes of dual guitar work for double pleasure. Yeah! 8/10 Perrö



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8/10 To Greatness and glory!
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