Altar Of Patrons #1

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Hello and welcome to the Altar of Patrons! Every month, our patrons get the chance to bring forth to the Altar an album of their choosing that they deem worthy of the attention of the devotees. Wish to take part in the offering? Surrender your soul and a bit of your cash here!

This is our very first edition and we are more than thankful for the support of our first patron Katha. Without further ado, read our patron’s choice and check the album below!

“The Cocoon” is the first solo record of Haken’s guitarist Richard Henshall, with some well-known guest musicians on it.

It’s an amazing prog metal album with a good portion of heaviness and great rhythmic. But there are also jazzy or atmospheric parts, that fit very well into the songs without making an artificial impression.

The song “Twisted Shadows” caught me immediately, the rest of “The Cocoon” needed to grow over a few spins. It’s not an “easy” listening at the beginning, but if you like this kind of prog, it can become a great musical journey.

The awesome cover artwork, by Richard’s wife Sevcan Yuksel Henshall, deserves an extra mention. Every song got its own drawing in the same style.


Words by Metal Gentleman

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