Eternal Storm – Come the Tide

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Band: Eternal Storm
Title: Come the Tide
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Release Date: 23 August 2019
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Promo

Isn’t August just the best month?

It is, and I will tell you why.

On the 23rd ETERNAL STORM will release their first full-length album, “Come the Tide”, with a mere EP and a split behind them from 5 and 6 years ago. I wondered at first what they had been doing for the past years to keep themselves busy, and now I know what.

“Come the Tide” starts out with parts 1 and 2 of “Through the Wall of Light”. The first part filled with beautiful guitar harmonies, giving me the old Fleshgod vibe when mixed with the fast pace drumming. The Opeth-like transition to the second part with clean vocals that I did not expect as well as a saxophone I wasn’t expecting either. At that point I really didn’t know what to think, other than this album has used a cheap saxophone trick to capture my heart!

As if I wasn’t loving this enough already, I came across by far my favorite track of the album, “Detachment”. The shining melodic beauty made me want to cry and the vocals make it so heavy when thrown in the mix. The sound of placing around ten different guitar tracks on top of each other and still make it work blew me oh so far away.

“Of Winter and Treason” continued with the huge sounding slow metal this group seems to have mastered just as all the other parts. Although clocking just over ten and a half minute I didn’t seem to mind, which surprised me because the length of each song is usually something I do notice. Quite different from the other tracks as well as the aggressive ending leading to a synthetic choir into the track of “Drifters”.

The Scarlet Lake” caught my ear in a way of being very headbanger friendly, I do like those sort of tracks as it makes me interested in seeing a band live. The sizeable sound seems to be mostly because of the vocals that suddenly gets taken down into an almost acoustic performance before rising once again. Halfway through the track it sounds more like death metal than what they have done so far; segment sound like a video game when the boss comes around the corner, back to Opeth-ish clean guitar mastery, back to Insomnium sounding wall-of-sound melodeath. Give these guys a challenge and prepare to be schooled in how it’s done.

Twisting the intensity-knob is what these guys must have majored in. Intense riffs backing the fierce drumming tends to follow a slower introduction before turning to a laid-back side again without ever sounding out of place, it just works. Never would I have guessed they were from Spain; they have the melodic feel from Finland, mixed with the more riff-based straight forward metal made known by Swedish bands, spiced up with some Norwegian black-metal influences. These guys mix three different genres in the matter of seconds serving up a melodic death metal feast for those with the taste for it. Surely it made me drool. 9/10 Julia


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9/10 Epic Storm
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